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The VenueMagicVDJ Plugin is the first plugin to allow VirtualDJ users direct lighting (DMX) and show control from within VirtualDJ. This plugin allow you to launch and control VenueMagic timelines, scenes and effects from within the VirtualDJ interface. You can control chases and effects based on the BPM of the currently running song, cue up a new timeline in wait mode for when you fade over to a new song and have multiple timelines running at the same time. All fully integrated with the most powerful show control software on the planet.

Watch it in action on YouTube:

VenueMagic can be running on the same computer or even on a Networked computer as it uses an IP based connection.

VenueMagic is the worlds first lighting and show control software to use the same concepts Audio and Video engineers have been using for years to design creative content. It's timeline and track based designer allows you to easily understand how to put a full show together in less time than other lighting only packages.

The VenueMagicVDJ plugin is currently PC only.