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Topic: How to get Music on the Virtual DJ program so i can mix it ! - Page: 1

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Ruben56Home userMember since 2010
I dont know how to get music from the internet onto the virtual DJ software so i can Mix it. ?

Inviato Wed 29 Sep 10 @ 12:59 pm
You have to download the music or rip it from CD's to your "Music" folder.

Hope that helps

Inviato Wed 29 Sep 10 @ 1:03 pm
Try Audiojelly, they have really good stuff at 320 kbps:

Their prices are really good too. Sign up for their newsletters and you'll get a grip of special offers at a huge value savings.


Inviato Wed 29 Sep 10 @ 3:00 pm
i cant put a song into my library. what should i do?

Inviato Thu 29 Dec 11 @ 1:02 pm
how do i get music for free

Inviato Sat 28 Jan 12 @ 2:56 pm
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
There are a few ways actually, first look round the net, there are one or two sites specific for working dj's usually where you can download pre release tracks (white labels) for free, usually after first leaving comments on the tune.

Another way is to get onto record label mailing lists either by invite or request.


Inviato Sat 28 Jan 12 @ 7:22 pm is good though i would try to find a music pool that does not deal with mp3
wav flac or aac is beter richer sound/

Inviato Thu 15 Mar 12 @ 3:26 pm
Virtual DJ Is Using Original Music Or Change Bass / Beat Music ?

Inviato Thu 20 Sep 12 @ 12:27 am
Who are you using to download music? ITunes cost to much!

Inviato Thu 15 Nov 12 @ 7:41 pm
Post by fancykhaos moderated.

DO NOT post messages promoting illegal download of music or your account will be locked. This is not permitted on the VirtualDJ forums. Please read the forum rules.

Please support the artists and music industry by purchasing your music from legitimate sources such as iTunes, PromoOnly, etc. If you are a working DJ and are caught using illegal music and/or software then you and/or your venue could face prosecution. This could cost you your job as well as a considerable fine.

Inviato Thu 29 Nov 12 @ 4:38 am
How do I get the music to keep playing and so it doesn`t play for only 30 seconds?

Inviato Sat 01 Dec 12 @ 1:31 am
If you're referring to the Netsearch option then you should be getting a popup box on your screen that explains everything.

You have to pay a monthly subscription to be able to download (cache) songs from Netsearch.

However, those songs do not belong to you.

They are rented, like a DVD or a library book. If you don't pay your subscription, they won't work.

Also they cannot be copied into another format or recorded.

Inviato Sat 01 Dec 12 @ 9:22 am
xNS5xLE userMember since 2012
Just a question: Does the subscription continuously take money out of my bank account, or do you have to renew it every month? I've been screwed by subscriptions that do that, and its taken me almost forever to end it.

Inviato Sat 19 Jan 13 @ 10:05 pm
As with any other subscription service, you will be charged each month until you decide to cancel it, which you can do at any time via your profile page.

NOTE: If you cancel, any songs that you have cached won't be playable any more once their authorisation expires.

Inviato Sun 20 Jan 13 @ 11:14 am
i would like to download music and play in my laptop

Inviato Tue 05 Mar 13 @ 9:20 pm
To do this, you will need to either subscribe to NetSearch or a DJ pool such as PromoOnly.

Alternatively, you can purchase your music separately from iTunes, Amazon, etc.

For more detailed information about NetSearch, please see the NetSearch section near the bottom of our FAQ pages:

Inviato Wed 06 Mar 13 @ 4:34 am
djkyl3Home userMember since 2013
how to download songs any software where i can download

without burning cd's???

plss help me plss..

Inviato Thu 25 Apr 13 @ 8:09 am
As above, you will need to purchase your music from iTunes, Amazon, etc. and/or you can 'rip' it to MP3 format from CD's that you already own (Please search Google for instructions on how to do this.) You can also subscribe to music subscription services such as our ContentUnlimited service:

Do not download your music illegally (Discussion of illegal activities is not permitted on the VirtualDJ forums) - Please support the artists and music industry by purchasing your music, especially if you are a working DJ. Both you and/or your venue could face prosecution if you are caught using illegally obtained music and/or software at your gig.

If you meant 'how do I DJ with music on my computer without burning it to CD first to play on conventional DJ CD players (CDJ's, etc.)' then that's the whole point of DJ software such as VirtualDJ. It allows you to play and mix music files (MP3, etc.) directly from your computer.

VirtualDJ Home FREE can be downloaded from if you are home/bedroom DJ. If you are a working DJ, you will need to purchase VirtualDJ to use it at your gigs: (Home FREE is for non-commercial use only and can't be used at gigs where you are being paid.)

Please read the user manual for further information and instructions on how to use VirtualDJ:

Inviato Thu 25 Apr 13 @ 8:22 am
If I cancel my monthly subscription iam not gonna be able to keep my karaoke downloads????

can I play them later or not ??

Inviato Tue 09 Jul 13 @ 1:33 pm
You can keep the cache files on your hard disk, but you won't be able to play them any more once your subscription ends and the DRM authorisation of each file expires (This may be anywhere between a day and a few weeks after the subscription ends, depending on when each file was last renewed.)

When you subscribe again, you will be able to renew and play any cached files that you have kept.

NOTE: The subscription is paid monthly in advance, so if you cancel, it will remain active until your next renewal date.

Inviato Tue 09 Jul 13 @ 7:42 pm