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Topic: Is there a way to....
I work for a GoGo and sometimes an emergency arrises (bathroom). I was wondering is there a way that I can have VirtualDj automatically mix each song at its 3min point? All and any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thank you

Inviato 6 days ago @ 4:35 pm
I don't know about Automatic but you can set up MANUALLY for each song where you want it to start and ends (once this is setup, you don't need to do it again).

My suggestion would be:

Make a copy of the songs into a different folder/directory
Then use this songs and manually set up in POI where to start it and ends etc...
Then use this songs in AUTOMIX when bathroom calls you

Sometimes I have a Snapple drink and it comes in handy once in a while :)

Inviato 6 days ago @ 5:06 pm
This has been asked for previously and I'm sure someone did come up with a script to do this but you will need to do a search.

As above, the automix editor can be set on the fly, so you can create an automix sequence in no time at all as you are working if required.

Inviato 6 days ago @ 5:14 pm
I think his issue is that each gogo dancer is timed exactly 3 minutes... Let me take (no promises) a look at creating a plugin for this. This might not take too much effort on my part if you can't find a script.

Edit: Come to think of it, it will be silly to make a plugin unless I can think of a better reason not to use a script because I believe a button can probably programmed to do that. Will get back with my find ASAP.

Edit2: PhantomDJ made a plugin called watchdog that seems to do exactly what you are asking for. While I'm looking for code or making some take a look if it works in VDJ 8.2 (assuming you're updated)

Edit3: Found a script from @SBDJ and modified by@locodog check out here . Going to try this myself.

Inviato 6 days ago @ 5:16 pm
If this is a regular gig, why not just edit the required tracks down into 3 minute versions?

Inviato 6 days ago @ 6:00 pm
I can imagine a situation where he has dancers going on for 3 minutes every gig and not being sure when in the gig he will have to take a quick break and doesn't want to do it in the moment (since I can agree that editing one song's end point might not be bad but having to do 3 or 4 in a quick moment before he runs away from the booth and worried he won't make it back in the amount of songs he might have cut to 3 minutes). Having a single button to toggle on and off after an automix playlist is filled with a few songs and having it cut at 3 minutes would be nice.

I noticed though it would take a little more work after I read the thread above which @SBDJ submitted a script, it would not know if any songs were shorter than 3 minutes and would attach songs together (as automix is setup). This I don't think is a bad thing if 2 or 3 songs get attached together before the cutoff. VirtualDJ can mix the right songs with an OK blend for that environment (my opinion) . He would have to know that he put all songs that are longer than 3 minutes if he doesnt want that issue. @Locodog made some modifications that might fix that issue but I was still working on another solution.

Inviato 6 days ago @ 9:02 pm
Well one of the issues is this.. So I called out or had to leave the building for an emergency (help out breaking up a fight or medical emergency) and only the Manager is left in the building. They time all lap dances by the length of the song. So I would load all my music in the playlist hit shuffle and leave.. So then it becomes "idiot" Proof for the Manager.. Maybe this can me a new option for future releases of VirtualDj being we in the "Adult" Industry also use this fabulous program to Dj with..

Inviato 5 days ago @ 9:02 am
Haha so the question still remains. What do you do if you by slim chance you pick song(s) under 3 minutes. Do you mix into the next song until the 3 minutes elapses?

Inviato 5 days ago @ 5:35 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Why would you have songs in your playlist under 3 minutes if your job is to play 3 minutes of each song?

Inviato 5 days ago @ 8:21 pm
Well one reason would be if it's 2 songs that are usually played together. One popular song couple where the first is under 3 minutes is: by "Queen" on the album "News of the world".

Song 1: We Will Rock You (Time 2:02)
Song 2: We Are the Champions (Time 3:01)

Give me time and I will think of more just because I've played that at some events and I can imagine a particular gentleman's show that might use that combo for a single dancer's routine. He might not have as much control as to what the manager or dancer wants to play. Well what do I know I'm not speaking for him but I never like to say never.

Inviato 5 days ago @ 8:51 pm
hahha Generally I skip all songs under 3 minutes because the girls will think its 3 minutes and the guy will be left hanging.(poor choice of words) Usually I am here so I can mix it myself. BUT they are thinking of opening earlier and i cant be there that early so if they could just automate it ? Make sense?

Inviato 5 days ago @ 1:11 am
So it sounds like you pick the songs. One more question. Do you go quiet after each song or do you have a 'fill-in' song/sound file between each song?

Inviato 5 days ago @ 1:17 am
why do I have a feeling that once the Manger find out it could be done without a DJ..... you be out of a job :(

Inviato 5 days ago @ 2:10 am
hahaha I would be out of a job if on days I didn't Dj I am also a manager.. haha... no filler between songs depending on my mood i either smoothly mix them together or just "trainwreck" into the next song..

Inviato 5 days ago @ 2:17 am
DjKB-GGR wrote :
hahaha I would be out of a job if on days I didn't Dj I am also a manager.. haha... no filler between songs depending on my mood i either smoothly mix them together or just "trainwreck" into the next song..

This is hilarious. After all, I don't think anyone in there cares about the transition.

Inviato 3 days ago @ 7:48 pm


Inviato 3 days ago @ 11:31 pm
Alas I guess its not possible without setting all points manually witch I don't want to do.. Thanks for the help guys.. I'll have to figure something out.. ... After doing some research looks like PCDj's Dex has that option... I'm not switching cause I love my VirtualDj but it would be a nice option/feature...

Inviato yesterday @ 3:10 pm
I created a plugin and submitted it to Virtual DJ. Just waiting on it to be looked at and accepted. With it, you can adjust the time from 15 secs up to a maximum 5 minute cutoff.

Inviato yesterday @ 4:49 pm