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Topic: Numark Party Mix mapping for VDJ 8
Hi, I just bought a Numark Party Mix but I don't have the "factory default" mapping in VDJ 8..
Someone can give me the XML file for VDJ 8 please ?

It's my first controller, it'll be difficult to make my own custom mapping.

Thank you

Inviato Mon 03 Jul 17 @ 3:13 pm
The Party Mix is a natively supported controller, so support (mapping) is built in to VDJ.

Make sure you're running the latest version of VDJ 8. Download it from here.

There is no mapping file that can be sent. It's built in to VDJ. Even if there was, nobody would send it to you as you don't have a license.

Inviato Mon 03 Jul 17 @ 5:01 pm
Buena tarde, compre un Controlador Numark Mix Party, pero el numero de clave que trae la pegatina, me aparece como codigo invalido en Virtul Dj 8... que puedo hacer?...o como me pueden ayudar?...

Edgar Ivan Aguilar.

Inviato Mon 19 Mar 18 @ 8:12 pm

Inviato Mon 19 Mar 18 @ 8:32 pm