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Topic: A Big Big Big help to all newbie DJ's
I have had lots of "go's on mates decks around 1997,98,99 , I have talked about it with them and learnt a few things back then, when I started it as a serious hobby 4-5 months ago I read an article of an experienced dj explaining to a newb what to do and I was bang on point with what I needed to do, I then used sync constantly for 4 -5 months just to match bpm's, I dropped the first snare (2nd beat ) of the first bar of the first phrase into the first snare (2nd beat ) of the first bar of the last phrase (after break) myself always and can pull off some really clean transitions, then I took the (stabilisers off (covered up pitch % , bpm counters, taped over large waveform and set auto bpm match to never and every other assistance feature off, I also set pitch to never return to zero on reload ( to take away the frame of reference) ........... I found that for the first time ever I could 95% of the time tell which was faster or slower and slow it down or speed it up without guessing it was fast first and then changing to slow and vice versa, and could get really close, occasionally a perfect mix, I basically subliminally and subconsciously taught my ear what perfect beatmatching is as a sound, I spent hundreds of hours listening to this sound and there is no longer any confusion of frequencies, 4 - 5 months ago I was tearing my hair out, I think my issue with not getting it totally synced is the delay from speakers possibly, I also appreciate that I can only just mix, and fairly badly at that, I can get it in but have to chase it and it's intermittent , but I know it will come in time and I enjoy doing it so I couldn't care less if it takes a week longer or a year or 3 years to perfect, I'm learning and that's good for me. I have got just one large speaker that I have 2 foot way from my right ear at head height and I cue the track with my left, some may say that's a bad set up but it works for me.

I just want to add that after dropping the first snare after auto syncing the BPM's I never payed much attention to the synced sound of perfectly beat matched tracks, I did a few times when I thought hhhhmmm this mix is a banger lol but the point I am making is that I learned what the sound of 2 matched tracks sounds like without much thought . I can't recconmend my method enough, it may be old but I want to put it out there for anyone to read and hopefully this may help, I learnt a lot of other useful things as I used sync and had a lot of fun, then when I took the stabilisers off my motivation increased by 100%, the first day was wobbly but I was amazed that no longer did it boggle my brains , I could seperate the frequencies of both tracks ( one in each ear literally) Now I am not using selective tracks based on abilty, I am trying them all and developing my ear further, even ifg it does mean riding beats like a donkey half the time or more lol

Please post this here there, everywhere and anywhere to help other dj's just starting out I would be grateful, I kind of feel blessed I have come this far in about 4 months, I want to help others, and if my method takes the frustration out of it a little then it's worth putting out there, I care because I want to learn the hard way and believe the art should never be forgotten. It will be so much better to be able to beatmix and when I get good at it I will be able to mix any tracks together :o) for the moment it's drum and bass but in the future when I get proficient I will dabble wihe old skool hardcore :o)

Inviato Mon 21 Aug 17 @ 4:41 pm
Wow! One of the most helpful posts I've ever read for new DJ's - thank you so much!!!

Do you know of any good youtube video's that would compliment your post?


Inviato Sun 08 Oct 17 @ 11:43 pm