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Topic: Rane TTM57mk2 Effects return channels
So i have noticed recently VDJ now recognises the 'deckfx' input and output channels however they don't seem to work.

My effects are only working if i change Options>FXprocessing to 'Pre fader'. As soon as i change to 'Post fader' the effect isn't audible at all.

Has anyone had any experience with the Post fader FX in Virtual DJ with a TTM57mk2

Inviato Wed 08 Nov 17 @ 3:48 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005

Inviato Wed 08 Nov 17 @ 9:15 am
My setting are as per your pic.

Basically i'm using the echo effect, if i have FXprocessing set to Prefader it work as i would expect (no audio or trail when fader is dropped). However if is FXprocessing is set to Postfader the effect literally doesn't work at all, cannot hear the echo at all.

Does your echo work okay with Postfader on?

Inviato Thu 09 Nov 17 @ 2:22 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Yes , set to postfader and Echo works fine.
When echo is enabled and move volume fader to zero, i get the echo trailing

You can try to ...
- see if Reverb fx works as post fader
- delete the echo native.ini file from plugins folder
- backup or rename the settins.xml (restore to default settings)
- make sure your vdj is updated to the latest build

Inviato Thu 09 Nov 17 @ 7:36 am
BTW: Post Fader Effects cannot be monitored (prelisten) since the track's fader is closed!
Therefore if you try to hear an effect on your headphones while fxengine is set to postfader, it won't work unless the track is live on air...

Inviato Thu 09 Nov 17 @ 7:43 am