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Topic: Help please... trying to learn version 8
a couple questions , i'm sure they are simple.
I'm using a skin called denon 4500 pro... when i practice and try to load a song ... before the song loads , a window pops up that says . "SAVE Track Edit" in reference to the song that I'm replacing , is this in regard to the modified Cue that I just had to reset on the karaoke song? In other version , It simply saved my cues. Could it be associated with the skin I'm using... on a simple old school skin it did not do this.

Next please: when I set some custom setting for keyboard . I use my UP arrow to nudge +10ms and my DOWN arrow to nudge -10ms. The Down arrow is working properly but the UP arrow is doing nothing. Please help as this allows me to mix better with keyboard (until I get used to Pioneer controller) I checked to make sure they were the same except for + and - before ms.

thanks for taking your time to look and I look forward to correcting this and moving forward with Version 8. Just not comfortable with the new skin and controls. Michael

Inviato Fri 10 Nov 17 @ 7:37 pm