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Topic: 6 virtual decks to 6 dedicated mono outputs?
We have a client who uses Virtual DJ in their clubs. They want to use an instance of Virtual DJ to send 6 separate tracks to 6 different rooms, independently. I'm thinking USB interface with 1/4" outs on the back for each deck. This will be for playback, not for active DJ mixing. Stereo output isn't a priority.

Can 6 decks be each assigned to their own dedicated line out on a USB interface? I haven't had much experience with the software besides basic playback and crossfading, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Inviato Mon 20 Nov 17 @ 9:02 pm
Yes they can, with an external mixer config. What you (or the client) won't be able to do though is feed each deck with a separate playlist for background music etc.

VDJ isn't designed to play different things to different rooms in an automated fashion, like a background music system might be.

Inviato Mon 20 Nov 17 @ 10:01 pm
The software is the client's pick, their DJs are already familiar with it. The playlist issue is really good to know, thank you!

Inviato Mon 20 Nov 17 @ 10:47 pm