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Topic: Will vdj 8 vinyl run with rane ttm57sl mixer.???
I have purchased the virtual dj 8 timecode vinyl and trying to hook up with my turntables and rane 57sl mixer. It will not connect. Is there something that I need to do other than buy a newer mixer? haha.

Inviato Thu 23 Nov 17 @ 12:56 am

Inviato Thu 23 Nov 17 @ 1:26 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
The 57SL is not natively supported (the above manual if for the MKII), but you should be able to use its sound card and all its ins and outs.
We dont have the unit but in the past we tried with a couple of users and found out that it works fine with Windows but with Mac OSX, we could only use 1 Input for DVS.
Perhaps you could try all of the possible Input pairs from the Audio Setup of VDJ and all the Input sockets of the mixer and see from which ones you can get the TC signal.

Inviato Thu 23 Nov 17 @ 3:24 am