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Topic: Pioneer DDJ-SB3 [Official Support] - Page: 2
OdytonePRO InfinityMember since 2017
I tried it but i just got the following message: The fix is not required on your system

Inviato Thu 12 Jul 18 @ 8:43 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
If it isn't seen in device manager then, either the usb cable is a dud or perhaps antivirus is stopping the device from installing the driver.

Inviato Thu 12 Jul 18 @ 8:55 pm
OdytonePRO InfinityMember since 2017
Finally it appears on the device manager.
The usb cable is brand new and i also tried another one.
Also i stopped the antivirus and anti-malware programs that i'm using.
But still no luck

Inviato Thu 12 Jul 18 @ 9:28 pm
i am using pioneer ddj sb3
and suddenly my device is not functioning properly with virtual dj software like tempo nd few other knobs are not responding accordingly when mix . volume knob doesnt work properly it stays on fix position even when i slide it up ,
please guide me

Inviato Sun 22 Jul 18 @ 5:24 pm
When i connect the device laptops gets hang ..if i update firmware then if i have connect back to serato

Inviato Mon 27 Aug 18 @ 8:08 am
GussersControlleristMember since 2018
I have the same problem as a previous user, I'm trying to use 4 decks with my SB3 and even when I'm using the 4 deck layout I can't get my controller to work on decks 3 or 4. I've tried any possible controller mapping techniques I could think of but nothing works. Could someone please tell me how they got theirs to work? Thanks

Inviato Tue 18 Sep 18 @ 1:32 am
Daryl01Home userMember since 2019
hi guys.. i need help.please help me get a mapping for sb3 please

Inviato Tue 22 Jan 19 @ 1:37 am
Please read the first message in the thread (or the thread title).

Inviato Tue 22 Jan 19 @ 5:03 pm
I connect my sb3 to the laptop the driver instilled but it shows failed to connect when I open virtual dj 2018
Please help

Inviato Wed 03 Apr 19 @ 6:09 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
See if another application running at the same time which could claim the device, or another instance of VirtualDJ in Task Manager.

Inviato Wed 03 Apr 19 @ 8:37 pm
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