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Topic: Rane 12 Compatibility?
GibrawnControlleristMember since 2015
Just bought the new Rane 12, but I'm having trouble manually mapping it. I think it's because VDJ is confused about the controller/turntable hybrid. Anyone know if Virtual DJ plans on adding it to their list of controllers? Or anyone have advice in terms of mapping it? I love VDJ and wouldn't want to switch over to Serato simply because the Rane 12 doesn't work with VDJ.

Inviato Sun 08 Apr 18 @ 8:13 am
The Twelve is not in the list of officially supported hardware yet. However neither is most new hardware that isn't specifically designed for VDJ. Just like any other controller that isn't made specifically for VDJ, Atomix will have to obtain one of the units and begin the process of figuring out how to make the software "understand" the controller. As quickly as these are flying off the shelves I would guess the work is already underway, just a guess though.

Are you getting any functionality out of the unit at all? If VDJ is receiving midi from it you can attempt to create your own definition file by following the instructions here:


This is from the Rane website;

The Twelve was developed and mapped to create the best possible out-of-the-box experience with the included Serato DJ Pro software. However, since Twelve’s hardware controls appear to your computer as a generic MIDI device, it can be custom-mapped to any other DJ application that supports user or developer-created custom mapping. Note: Traktor does not currently support motorized platters. "

Inviato Sun 15 Apr 18 @ 11:58 pm
There is already a thread about this controller here. Let's keep all of the information in one place, thank you.

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Inviato Mon 16 Apr 18 @ 8:20 pm