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Topic: Duplicate Tracks
Is there a way to find Duplicate Tracks in the database?

Inviato 5 days ago @ 2:59 pm

Inviato 5 days ago @ 3:05 pm

Inviato 5 days ago @ 3:16 pm
Awesome thanks !

Inviato 5 days ago @ 4:39 pm
I have been using this to find dups and doing some cleaning.

Just a heads up, even if you have a duplicate file (as in FILENAME) but have different COVER ARTs or other stuff in the TAGs (forgot some, but I think different BPM's or anything in the TAGS), it will not show as a duplicate file.

Until now, I occasionally find a duplicate song manually (when I search for it). So while Gigging, if I see a DUP, I put it aside and check it later on.

Inviato 5 days ago @ 5:28 pm
np ;o)

Inviato 5 days ago @ 8:52 am