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Topic: Advice on lightcontrol hardware
Today I run my lights from a simple Stairville DMX controller. It's cheap but it also has big limitations.
I try to find the optimal way for me to upgrade.
>> First I need to sort if going the PC / USB dongle way OR the hardware way <<
But looking on pure hardware solutions for the moment, I have found two controllers which seems to give me much more possibilites than today.

These are:
Showtec creator 1024
LSC Mantra lite

My lightshow is built by a few lasers, moving heads, some ADJ led effects, fog machines.

Is anyone of you using either of the two above units and have some feedback to share ? (Or perhaps other similair units to advice)
Or am I just stupid to even consider HW solutions, when PC / USB dongle solutions offer so much and probably much more cheap ?

Inviato Wed 12 Dec 18 @ 2:09 pm
You should search and read existing threads about software vs hardware DMX. They both have pros & cons.

Inviato Wed 12 Dec 18 @ 6:22 pm
I know quite well those pros and cons already.
I tried to aim this thread towards the hardware based solutions.
For me a dedicated dmx controller should be enough for me.

Inviato Wed 12 Dec 18 @ 6:42 pm
FigDj1PRO InfinityMember since 2017
Just my 2 cents. I use the ADJ Airstream DMX Bridge. This is very powerful and flexible solution for me. The hardware just hooks into your DMX equipment (daisy chain). The software is IOS base. So I control all my lights using DMX from the IPhone.

I have the following equipment being controlled this way
2 Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duo 155
2 Chauvet Cubix 2.0
2 Chauvet Circus 2.0
2 Chauvet Scorpion Dual Lasers
2 Xstatic MAYA BB Lasers
1 Chauvet Scorpion Storm FX RGB Laser
1 Shinp DL -55 4 beam Laser

You get effects, shows, scenes etc everything you need and the control can be labelled in any way you want.

Inviato Fri 14 Dec 18 @ 7:25 pm
ok, let me tell you the truth... 1 more expensive stuff is only more expensive .. I am now using s udmx doing 512 channels , 40 lights running wireless dmx dongle that is 150 feet away with no issues. Freestyler had one thing that changed the game and thats it had extra software for making and setting up lights . I buy stuff from china and india and run it all with out a issue or even a fixture protocol. The udmx dongle is all of 19$ and the recivers for the wireless dmx were 25$ each but you can daisy chain the lights . 125.00 for the dmx wireless box. Things that changed a lot of stuff. The Ipad can easily control the light software . Its simple to take any midi and link any button to a cue point. You can also go into virtual dj and and set poi and then have the lights move to the songs. once you make a few cues in freestyler you can link with ease. Im more then happy to help you learn how to set up any profile you need or even make them from scratch.. this is one of my favorite things to do. Now on to the other light software and hard ware. truth is light jockey and freestyler are similar . any usb to dmx has its limits as per number of universes . remember that each fixture has a few channels for its lights , programs , colors and so on.. so depending on what you are trying to make it can work. the best quality for lower price is the dmx king usb. I also have one and also my old light jockey box and well as the enttac on too. Please explain what your project or show is and I will give you advice.

Inviato Fri 14 Dec 18 @ 9:47 pm
blckjckPRO InfinityMember since 2008
When I went back and forth between hardware or software, I’m glad I chose software.
An OpenDMX dongle with Freestyler DMX software being remotely controlled from my iPad and VDJ has been a great solution from me.

I would spend more on an opto-isolated dongle. I had a USB port go funky on my laptop with my non-isolated dongle. I now have to use a USB hub that provides isolation to the laptop. If I don’t, the DMX dongle causes my touchpad to falsely move the cursor around the screen.

Inviato Sun 16 Dec 18 @ 7:41 am
Thanks blkjck for your input.
Yes I agree seems a sw solution is also more cost effective and more flexible.
I even developed my own isolated usb/dmx dongle a year back so most points to sw solution.
What makes me hesitant for going that route is simply one more computer which can crash or fail duing gig. But guess i will overcome that fear when i see how well it performs after time
Could you describe how to setup freestyler being controlled by an ipad ?

Inviato Sun 16 Dec 18 @ 8:12 am
blckjckPRO InfinityMember since 2008
I use one computer for the whole gig. Freestyler and VDJ run at the same time.

There is an app called TouchOSC that I use. It connectes to a bridge software running on the PC. Then, it all talks via WiFi.

However, there are new skins and procedures within VDJ. I am currently using hot keys to trigger lighting. As well as pads on my controller.

Inviato Sun 16 Dec 18 @ 8:25 am
Ok I think I follow most of it
But what app is running on ipad to control freestyler ?

Inviato Sun 16 Dec 18 @ 8:50 am
Aha I get it
That touchosc app is a midi control software also
Will try to set up

Inviato Sun 16 Dec 18 @ 10:32 am
I have that app too. its ok I wish I could make a custom skin for it..

Inviato Mon 24 Dec 18 @ 11:32 pm
tycoonentertainmentcanada wrote :
I have that app too. its ok I wish I could make a custom skin for it..

You can.......

Try downing the editor and make what you want......

Inviato Wed 26 Dec 18 @ 8:51 pm
But for me I dont see the need for doing it wireless do you?
For me it will work just as good with a decent midi controller by usb.
I will try the touchosc app still to see what it does.

Inviato Wed 26 Dec 18 @ 9:52 pm
truth of wireless is like this , I run events and set up so much lighting that just having the wireless feature for the up lighting allows clients to pick room colors and also as a host of game shows i can have a podium a and ipad i can run the moving heads to do what i need or shut off things as im talking . Thanks for the info on the skinning. Guess what im doing over Christmas.

Inviato Thu 27 Dec 18 @ 1:07 am
blckjckPRO InfinityMember since 2008
The wireless comes in handy when I’m aiming or setting up.

Inviato Thu 27 Dec 18 @ 3:15 am