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Topic: Rane TWELVES and a number of general issues.
This is posted up on the general Rane TWELVES post but felt it warranted a specific response from technical support. I so want to be able to rely on VDJ with my TWELVES. But as far as I can tell there have been no changes thus far. Let me restate the issues I've run into in order of importance for me. I am on macOS Mojave, on a 15" mid-2018 MBP 6-core i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 2TB SSD external in these instances. Also, I enabled beta versions in VDJ.

1. Random Wow + Flutter / Warble Sound. This seems to be very random, but there were a few instances where I would hear that can be best described as something you would hear from tapes or records with bad transports or motors, aka Wow + Flutter. The CPU did not appear to be under excessive load at the times I heard this.

2. Transitioning with automix. When playing on automix the transition between songs slows down and picks up. This is affected on the platter and the waveforms. I did just read where there is a two-deck automix option that I am going to experiment with tonight. But this should work on single deck mode as well.

3. Pitch lock. When manually manipulating a platter there is no pitch lock. Pitch lock only works on the pitch slider or on buttons (if mapped). This also happens on the NS7iii.

4. Platter speed adjusted with pitch. When adjusting the pitch the platter remains at the same speed. This also happens on the NS7iii.

5. Deck assignment. If you loose connectivity to one deck, the other deck unmaps.

I've documented a number of these issues in previous posts on the Facebook support group and this forum. I've also put some of that in video form over here:

Inviato Tue 09 Jul 19 @ 5:35 pm
And just tested a couple side-by-side issues with the NS7iii and the TWELVES to clarify.

The automix issue does not affect the NS7iii. You can run it in single deck or dual deck mode. If you do it on the TWELVES single deck still has the slow down/speed up transition issue. If it's in dual deck mode the slowdown does not happen, but there is a ramp up time for the other deck to start making the speed up sound happen. It also does not seem you can just go in and out of "vinyl" mode on the deck to bypass the TWELVE for this which could be a not-so-great but maybe achievable quick workaround.

Inviato Tue 09 Jul 19 @ 8:45 pm
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Inviato Sat 20 Jul 19 @ 7:33 am