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Topic: Music Editor?
Hello just looking for some help.
I need to remove some sections of music so Im was for a music editor? can this be done with VDJ maybe an older version or a program I can buy outside of VDJ that is easy to use Im not trying to spend money on it but a few bucks is ok.
thanks for any help

Inviato Tue 16 Jul 19 @ 5:17 pm
Well you can use Track Cleaner inside VDJ.

Inviato Tue 16 Jul 19 @ 5:29 pm
Audacity is free do a quick Google

Inviato Tue 16 Jul 19 @ 5:58 pm
Don't forget to try the POI Editor for Edits.

POI Editor Action Macros, not to be confused with the Sampler Remix Points

How to make remix points which are really called Action Macros

Make sure Show All isn't selected to display only the Cue Points
Choose the Cue Point where you want the edit to start (Cue 4)
Click on New, name Edit 4 on Cue 4
Change the Type to Action and type goto_cue 6 for the (Macro action)
Change Cue to Marker Only and Color to Yellow (this keeps the Cue and Edit Separate on the wave view and so it won't display an extra Cue)
Choose the Cue Point where you want the edit to go to
Click on New, name it Edit 6, Change Type to Action, leave the Macro Action blank, set Cue to Marker Only, Change color to Yellow

Inviato Thu 18 Jul 19 @ 1:34 am
I just wanted to clarify my instructions. You don't need to use a cue point for actions. You can place an action anywhere you want it to happen and sometimes that's very necessary since music has a slight difference between phrases.

Also, clicking on a cue point to go into the POI editor isn't the best option. You can open the POI Editor by right-clicking the Album Art Cover. If you right-click right on a cue point, it won't work the same (the yellow marker wouldn't show up correctly on both markers).

There's a video on YouTube about this for a full explanation. Also, the order of how you name and do this procedure seems to make a difference. It's best to go down the list and then add the Action: goto_cue 5 (last). Ignore the extra cue point it creates until you make it Marker Only and it'll disappear. Peace!

Inviato Thu 25 Jul 19 @ 6:50 am