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Topic: virtual DJ wont let me use with out pro license
I have a Hercules DJ console mk4 and when I connect it it says I require a pro version can I get around this problem or do I have to use a different piece of software as I don't want to pay

Inviato Wed 08 Apr 20 @ 9:03 pm
Unless you have a key code for a LE version that came with the controller then you will need to pay.

Inviato Wed 08 Apr 20 @ 9:14 pm

Inviato Wed 08 Apr 20 @ 9:27 pm
Home License. I just bought the home license but my V DJ program is saying my trial has expired even though I just bought and paid for a new subscription. Can anyone help? I have turned the V DJ program off. restarted my computer. logged in and out.

Inviato Sat 11 Jul 20 @ 7:12 pm
Are you logged in with same email (account) as you are when you bought the license?

If its the account you are logged into at website, see here if license shows :

If it does show, but not in the software, simply look at top of the license tab in the software to what email you are logging in with, and add that email as your secondary email here : (Alternatively, if you prefer, just log out in the software, and log in with same credentials used at website)

If the license does NOT show, at same link above, add the email used at purchase instead.

Inviato Sat 11 Jul 20 @ 8:21 pm