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Topic: How can I quickly jump to a specific crate or BPM range inside a crate by using keyboard and NOT search window?
After 15 years with Serato I'm very used to my workflow but really trying to switch to VDJ.

I play a lot of sets where I don't know exactly what song I want to play...but I know I want to start in a specific BPM range or I need to quickly jump to a specific crate.

In serato, you can just start typing and it automatically jumps for you.
This is very helpful when you have a TON of crates.

EXAMPLE: I'm in the "HIP HOP" crate but i want to jump to the "Wedding" crate so I just start typing W, E, D and i'm there.

Or inside of a crate I switch to BPM order and just start typing 128 and Serato automatcially jumps me to the 128 section of the crate but doesnt' ONLY show me 128 (if I had used search window)

See video that shows what I mean here:

I think it's clunky and slow to have to go to the search window and then back out every single time.
Is there a workaround or a way to unlock the keyboard in VDJ?

Thanks in advance!


Inviato Tue 24 May 22 @ 4:16 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
You can enable browserSearchByFirstLetter to type within a list based on the search field
For searching for a playlist you can map a key to search_folder, when the dialog opens, just start typing and press Enter or use up/down arrow keys to select the folder you are looking for.

Inviato Tue 24 May 22 @ 4:37 am