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Topic: Stems: use 'stem Kick' (or instru, bass, etc) with a slider
In case anyone is wondering: 'param_multiply 50% & stem kick' is what I was looking for.
This divides the slider value by 2, which converts the slider when all the way up to a stem value of 0.5, which is its regular volume.



Very happy with Traktor S8 support, works quite well out of the box.

However, I would like to map four stems (kick, instru, bass, vocal) to the four sliders. But when I do this, the sound gets distorted, almost like the stem gets at 2x volume when the slider is all the way up. Having the slider half way makes it sound like it should. I tried with another device with a slider, same problem.
It seems like this behaviour is similar to using ModernEQ or Stems as EQMode, which also distorts the stem if it's turned all the way up.

Does anyone know how to map a slider to either a) divide its value by 2, or b) travel between 0 and 1x volume level for a stem?
By the way; using 'stem FullRhythm, FullMelo or Full Vocal' does seem to level things properly, but I would like to isolate the hihats and bass as well.

Thanks in advance!


Inviato Sun 26 Jun 22 @ 12:15 pm