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Topic: If you just can't wait for a new skin !

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stuxxxPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Hi all

I like many others am a little dissapointed with the solitary skin supplied with the new version but have managed to cheat a bit !

I bought DJ mixstation when it came out and have used the denon skin from that in the new Atomix

There are two drawbacks though, The skin says ejay on it and the sampler and effects buttons dont work but if you are not worried about that it all works fine....Is a lot easier on the eye and looks a little more professional.

The Atomix skin looks more like a kids toy and i wouldnt be seen dead using out live !!!

So come on Atomix, get some skins sorted asap, surely you made the three skins supplied to Ejay, so the skins must be
98% finished.

Inviato Sat 01 Dec 01 @ 10:40 am
i agree m8! atomix have gone 1 step back giving us that crappy blue and yellow skin .. makes the visual mixing extremely hard on the eye .. not impressed =(
HAPPY on the other hand the ball is finally rolling and version 2 is finally out .. may the updates be fruitfull =)

Inviato Sat 01 Dec 01 @ 11:51 am
Yes the skin sucks big time!!!!!

also the beat lines are almoust invisible!

Inviato Sat 01 Dec 01 @ 3:42 pm
can you make that skin available for us?? ;-)

Inviato Sat 01 Dec 01 @ 4:41 pm
I'm very disapointed about the skin of the free MP3-mix. I hpe that you change it. Thanks a lot.


Inviato Sat 01 Dec 01 @ 6:12 pm
alreaHome userMember since 2003
If it is only the colors, then just edit the skin with photoshop or paint shop pro... and change the colors. You can also create your own skin by making the bmp file, and waiting for the skinmaker which shoul be available soon. Or create the xml file, you have helps at :

regards, alrea.

Inviato Sun 02 Dec 01 @ 10:19 am
Hy all,

I share your thoughts about that blue and yellow skin, an adult person just refuses to work with it.
So if there is anybody who please could send me the old denon skin or any other unicolor skin please send it to I appreciate it.
Thanx a lot


Inviato Sun 02 Dec 01 @ 6:36 pm
nateHome userMember since 2001
if you compare the .xml files from the eJay skins, to the .xml files of default.xml (included with atomixmp3 2.0) you'll see the button names in the XML are different... change them around so the names match up with the included xml file (default.xml) and you'll have the eJay skin working with AtomixMP3 2.0.


Inviato Mon 03 Dec 01 @ 3:42 am
stuxxxPRO InfinityMember since 2003
The new skins are out now....Thanx guys

Inviato Mon 03 Dec 01 @ 11:22 am

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