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Topic: Message for Stephane or other people who know something about FFT

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ikkeHome userMember since 2003
Can someone please tell me what the fastest FFT and iFFT libs are? Maybe one of the ops can ask Stephane once... (sorry for my english).


Greetz, ikke

Inviato Sun 17 Mar 02 @ 11:59 am
FFT=Fast Fourier Transform ?
a quick algorithm to compute the Fourier transform (and the find the most important frequencies , probably used in beat matching)

but maybe it was not the question.
(abd maybe it is not the answer ;-)


Inviato Tue 19 Mar 02 @ 4:22 pm
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
Yep, that's it! I found the Intel SPL and FFTW, but they seem quite difficult to use... I don't need all those functions. Only the FFT transform and the magnitude, phase and freq extraction. I found some code (, really a great site!) but it's not fast enough...

Inviato Tue 19 Mar 02 @ 5:06 pm
you're smart ...

Inviato Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 1:33 am
Oh ! I forgot to ask you...

I've asked Corpse already .... but he's a busy guy: Is it possible to write an algorithm which alters the pitch (instrumental tone) of the sound without modifying the speed/tempo ???

This way when you are making mixes .... not only the speed is matched but also the instrumental tone. But I am sure when if you were to alter something like that .... I assume it would definately alter the sound quality ? Mixvibes has a feature like that (Not that i am saying mixvibes IS better ? duh !)

-- Dave --

Inviato Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 1:36 am
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
Hey man, that'll be my next effect!!! I'll send it to you this afternoon!!!

Inviato Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 2:50 pm
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
Well, I tried MV 4 Pro yesterday, and there's one BIG problem with it: the BPM detection is really tooo slow, and you always need to scroll wehn you use a resolution of 600*800

Inviato Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 3:00 pm

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