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Topic: Words of advice to (effect-)plugin coders

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Just one thing that caught my attention when trying out some effect-plugins:

The new plugins have a minimize-button which will surely be needed; consider it a must-have to be able to minimize any config-window and get on with your mix.

BUT the other two control-buttons, can they be removed?

The close-button doesn't have any effect as you have to unload the plugin to get rid of the window completely and what is a maximize-button doing in a config-panel?
It would be a good idea to remove it so that you don't maximize by mistake instead of minimizing :o)

Oh, and about the minimizing... is there any way the plugin-windows(you can get three of those in your way) to stay minimzed when you minimze and then restore Atomix itself so they don't get back in your face if you have to do a quick system-adjustment, answer to something on a chat or whatever..

If the control-buttons in the name-list can't be modified (my basic skills in Win32-programming tells me it can be done) is it possible or maybe even better all together to make a larger custom-made minimize-button in the window itself?

Removing those small (control-)buttons and making a few easy-to-use controls and one obvious minimize/"Hide me!"-button might make the plugin all the more pleasant to work with?

Just a thought...

Inviato Thu 11 Apr 02 @ 8:40 am

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