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Inviato Thu 21 Sep 06 @ 4:47 pm

I have spent about 2-3 hours trying to get the broadcast function to work properly.

I have configured my ports on my router to be open 8000-8001

I have even followed the steps people have provided in the forums for setting up a shoutcast server.

I can not get either the VDJ or Shoutcast serever to stream.

Is there a tuturial provided by the software mantufacturer for configuring this? It seems there would be, considering this seems to be a very common problem.

thanks, for any help, tips, links, replies.

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Inviato Thu 21 Sep 06 @ 4:51 pm
One more question what is the default Encoder file ?

is it this lame_enc.dll

C:\Program Files\VirtualDJ\lame_enc.dll


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Inviato Thu 21 Sep 06 @ 11:52 pm
buy it !

just a hint

aslo do u have a router?

as if this is the case ul have to port forward

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Inviato Fri 22 Sep 06 @ 12:54 am
A great function of this forum is the search. This problem has been faced so many times.

Lok at my old post here.


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Inviato Sun 21 Feb 10 @ 12:39 pm
Guys...... can you tell me about the lame_enc.dll??? I have all set ip adress, password and when I press "Start Recording" it says "

**Broadcasting Error**
Encoder Error

I tried to adjust it myself but I didn't make it!! :(

Any useful advice would be apreciated!!!!!

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Inviato Sun 21 Feb 10 @ 1:19 pm
OK Beatnik. I understand your having an issue. However, digging up a couple of very old posts is not the way to ask your question. I'm going to lock both of these threads you dug up and, ask you to start a fresh thread please. Thanks