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Geforce 5500 does work, (The dual monitor version) just make sure to have a fast CPU to back it up. (2.4 ghz and up) Don't do too much and it won't choke.

Inviato Fri 12 Jan 07 @ 2:41 am
laptop model sony vaio FE-28B
garaphic card NVIDIA 7400 with turbo cache, dosn't work with accelerate hardware,not good for innternal mixing and so no exterenal mixing!!!

Inviato Sat 13 Jan 07 @ 12:32 pm
Is there any solution for my 7400 or i must change my laptop?thanks

Inviato Sat 13 Jan 07 @ 1:28 pm
I found solution for the accelerate hardware copatibility, its windows vista, my 7400 work good for internal mixing, this evening i'll try it for external mixing!!!

Inviato Mon 15 Jan 07 @ 2:52 pm
TexZKPRO InfinityMember since 2005
You've forgotten my 7800 GTX! It works flawlessy on my desktop PC!

Inviato Tue 16 Jan 07 @ 10:42 am
mainedjPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Will my 7600 go be good?

Inviato Tue 16 Jan 07 @ 9:55 pm
Surly with vista, it dose work !!!

Inviato Fri 19 Jan 07 @ 8:27 am
You should put all the Quadro and FireGL cards on your list. I just bought a laptop with a Quadro 1500m video card. Its supposed to be equivalent to a Geforce 7900, but I had to do that investigating myself. It would help if these two models of video cards were on your list.

Inviato Sun 21 Jan 07 @ 4:57 am
acw_djPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2005
Quadro videocards are made to be on the business market and not intented to do the the video manage of the 7900 that are made for games.

Usually if the videocard rate good for videogames, will be ok for video mixing. Quadro is not the videocard to go, but you can check yourself.

Good Luck!

Inviato Mon 22 Jan 07 @ 9:52 pm
Yeah I heard that Quadro is not good for games... but I also heard that the better Quadros can usually game fine.

For what its worth... I have been running VDJ for a week on my Quadro 1500M with 512MB dedicated video ram. Runs very well.

I went with a business class laptop because I needed some things that weren't available for personal laptops (like a dedicated docking station... ability to buy from my corporate rep who only sells certain brands... etc).

Inviato Tue 23 Jan 07 @ 3:05 pm
And if it means anything... the Quadro 1500M gives me a 5.9 rating Vista graphics score. Pretty damm high.

Hell... I didn't even know the scores went past 5. LOL

Inviato Tue 23 Jan 07 @ 5:07 pm
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
goes to 10 i belive =)

Inviato Tue 23 Jan 07 @ 9:22 pm

Inviato Tue 23 Jan 07 @ 11:56 pm
Actually my buddy read today that any score above 6.0 is not documented. meaning there isn't much hardware out right now that will push the scores past 6. it may go up to 100 for all we know. but right now there isn't much that can go past 6. hell ill be interested to hear what other users on here run for video and what their score in vista is. on my vista test pc that has a 7600gt my score was 4.9 I believe.

Inviato Wed 24 Jan 07 @ 2:29 am
DJ Marcel_1 wrote :
how does this card stack up?Yes I know it's only PCI. But the riser I have for my rackmount case does not have a PCI express riser only PCI is available. is another one avail as well like the same thing with different accesories

that card is an x1300 which I believe is rated on the first page. its a middle of the road card. not blazing speed. but not bad either.

Inviato Wed 24 Jan 07 @ 2:33 am
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
its true in the windows world the software is more advanced than the hardware currently and its having to catch up

Inviato Wed 24 Jan 07 @ 12:08 pm
looking at a new graphics card a Asus A9250 gamer its 8x AGP 256 Ram as my existing card is only 64Mb!!

Inviato Sat 27 Jan 07 @ 12:16 am
mainedjPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Agp is just ahead of PCI, but slower than PCI express. I have a Nvidia fx5500 for my home pc, with a pci slot.
I don't want to get a new home video card until they come down on the price of the 8800. At that point, I'll need a new build, since mine is about 4 years old now.

Inviato Sun 28 Jan 07 @ 5:32 pm
I have a Dell Latitude D620, and even after re-rendering the videos in sony vegas, which helps, it's still not stable enough to take out in the club. I suspect I have a lower end video card, and I know my computer is a business model... my question is this... is there ANY solution short of buying a another computer to make this work? can any of these cards suggested be upgraded into my computer? Can I get some sort of external video card? (that might be a dumb question). I really want to make this work... I just got this computer as a gift but I really want to make the video mixing work... thanks in advance.

Inviato Sun 18 Feb 07 @ 1:18 am

Inviato Tue 24 Apr 07 @ 9:14 pm
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