hi to all at vdj

my name is graham and live near, staffs, uk

im afraid i stopped DJ ing years ago due to various family commitment's but could never give up the urge to do a bit of mixing
then i came across vdj loved it and brought it straight away but i only mix for fun now and as a hobby


LPspinner scritto Wed 04 Jul 12
jus stopping by...
LPspinner scritto Tue 27 Mar 12
vdj bu scritto Wed 02 Nov 11
nesecito que alquien me diga como puedo utilizar los cuatro platos de la VMS4..?????
djdad scritto Tue 08 Mar 11
thanks for the add Graham !
slimcox1 scritto Sun 16 Jan 11
I added you to my friends list
proson scritto Wed 10 Mar 10
j'adore ton cover :o)
thibdu01 scritto Wed 16 Sep 09
Salut je t'ajoute comme amis!!! (^_^)
DHoude scritto Thu 27 Aug 09
No prob, we have chatted a few times on other posts. I usually only add people that I know a bit. Take care man