hi to all at vdj

my name is graham and live near, staffs, uk

im afraid i stopped DJ ing years ago due to various family commitment's but could never give up the urge to do a bit of mixing
then i came across vdj loved it and brought it straight away but i only mix for fun now and as a hobby

the main music i like is

Favorite toy at the moment is a,
Pioneer DDJ - SR

My laptop for vdj is a

HP Pavilion G6
Intel Core i5 2450M
2.5GHz to 3.1GHz Turbo Boost
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
1366 x 768 Screen

currently gathering dust,
Denon MC3000, Hercules dj control steel , a pair of EKS-XP5's, numark Dxm09 mixer
and a hercules mk11

keep mixing aubs

GLI AMICI DI aubs123


LPspinner (Professional edition user)scritto Wed 04 Jul 12 @ 5:28 pmjus stopping by...
LPspinner (Professional edition user)scritto Tue 27 Mar 12 @ 10:18 amgreetings.
vdj bu (Limited edition user)scritto Wed 02 Nov 11 @ 12:32 amnesecito que alquien me diga como puedo utilizar los cuatro platos de la VMS4..?????
djdad (Atomix Productions)scritto Tue 08 Mar 11 @ 4:51 amthanks for the add Graham !
slimcox1 (Professional edition user)scritto Sun 16 Jan 11 @ 3:35 amI added you to my friends list
proson (Professional edition user)scritto Wed 10 Mar 10 @ 4:27 pmj'adore ton cover :o)
thibdu01 (Limited edition user)scritto Wed 16 Sep 09 @ 7:41 amSalut je t'ajoute comme amis!!! (^_^)
DHoude (Professional edition user)scritto Thu 27 Aug 09 @ 7:33 pmNo prob, we have chatted a few times on other posts. I usually only add people that I know a bit. Take care man