Hi All

My name is Aaron (DJ Audio) I am in Chicago my love
for music has made me a VDJ lover. I play Soulful House
and Deep House Disco , Club , Acid Jazz, R&B - Hip-Hop.

Some of my mixes are here.

Some Of My Most Played Songs

01. Black Joy - Metalbossa (Restless Vocal Soul Remixes)
02. Jill Scott - Whatever (Quentin Harris Shelter Night Remix)
03. Zoetic - I Reach
04. Jephte Guillaume Ft. Erol Josue - Papa Loko (Jephte's Extended Loko Vokal Mix)
05. Zap Mama - Crazy Life
06. dunnEASY Ft Danil - Rise Up (Stephen Rigmaiden Mix)
07. Jephte Guillaume & Rufuss - Jou Sa (Main Mix)
08. Leela James - My Joy (Quentin Harris Vocal Remix)
09. Joe Claussell - Je Ka Jo (Original Vocal)
10. Etta James - Strung Out (Quentin Harris Rehab Reproduction Edit)
11. Flowriders - Russelology (Restless Soul Voodoo Vox Mix)
12. Jephte Guillaume Ft. Wiltrud Weber - Blue And Deep (Tet Kale Blue Deep Vokal Mix)
13. Mary J Blige - PMS (Quentin Harris Mix)
14. Joi Cardwell - What It Feels Like (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)
15. Yass - I Won't
16. Tamara Wellons - Like Rain (Movement Soul Mix)
17. Monday Michiru - The Right Time (Jephte's King Street Vokal)
18. Jephte Guillaume Ft. Ak - Shining Your Way (A Danny Krivit Edit)
19. Studio Apartment Ft. Ak - Beautiful Sunrise (Quentin Harris Re-Production)
20. Ak - Say That You Love Me (Fk-Ek English Vocal Mix)
21. Silva - One 2 One (Feliciano English Vocal)
22. Hanna Hais - Une Journee Avec Toi (Vincent Valler Radio Edit)
23. Japone Brethren (Silva & Macrophage Lab) - Wave (Original Mix English)
24. MCM Ft Tmajaa - Love High (Jonny Montana Key Dub Mix)
25. South African Allstars Ep - Ung Phula Intilziyo
26. Ezel Ft Fredy Massamba - His Presence (Original Mix)

GLI AMICI DI audio000


938MyDJ (Professional edition user) scritto Mon 21 Oct 13 @ 10:37 pm
Hope you'll enjoy your Pioneer CDJ2000Nexus!

upriz3n (Limited edition user) scritto Thu 24 Mar 11 @ 4:04 pm
New video uploaded on youtube!!! I NEED A BAD B#%$H!! check it out

upriz3n (Limited edition user) scritto Thu 09 Dec 10 @ 9:04 pm
hey check out the Upriz3n on soundcloud!! New tracks posted!! FREE DOWNLOADS!!

upriz3n (Limited edition user) scritto Mon 08 Mar 10 @ 3:14 am
Go to to listen to all the UpRiZ3N Remixes,Freestyle, and exclusive tracks all mixes done by my alter ego Dj Eighty Sixer the official UpRiZ3N DJ

Haui70 (Atomix Productions) scritto Mon 07 Dec 09 @ 2:40 pm
Sorry, to hear Audio:-( All the best for you and your family!

mistah_p (Professional edition user) scritto Wed 18 Nov 09 @ 3:08 pm
what up chI town....

Caliente123 (VIP Member) scritto Mon 21 Sep 09 @ 5:06 pm
Whats Up big money Aaron.

Dj_Eggy (Experienced pro user) scritto Thu 06 Aug 09 @ 11:12 am

djpr1 (Experienced pro user) scritto Fri 24 Jul 09 @ 8:15 pm
Thanks 4 for the add......

Haui70 (Atomix Productions) scritto Sun 21 Jun 09 @ 12:41 am
Hi Audio, thx man! I hope all is fine in your life ;-)
Take cary my friend!

Dj_Eggy (Experienced pro user) scritto Thu 11 Jun 09 @ 9:06 am
i feel fine. :-D thx 4 friendship

Dj_Eggy (Experienced pro user) scritto Thu 11 Jun 09 @ 9:05 am
hey! hows u man?

radiofc (Experienced pro user) scritto Wed 10 Jun 09 @ 3:42 pm
Stevie caught my attention. I like the sound of what you play. Please set up a group so we can subscribe to see some playlists. Thanks.

MCJULI (Experienced pro user) scritto Tue 07 Apr 09 @ 7:31 am
Hey, i add you on my friends list :)
by McJuli

virtualtfe (Limited edition user) scritto Sun 22 Feb 09 @ 2:38 pm
jejeje, ok ;)

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