Give me some time to fill you in

Huey a.k.a. the"SOUND INSURGENT"

I spin BREAKBEAT,HOUSE,E-HOP and HIP-HOP at REDS BAR with the world famous EBOLI.
I D.J. for a few hip-hop groups= THA FAMILY, LAZER ROCKET ARM, TREY LANE and MC-LOKI
You can catch me at "RADIO.VIRTUALDJ.COM" on either channel 1 or channel 2. Always looking for advice on mixing, cant ever know enough!! I'm sure theres more but enough about me. Hit me up any time I'm looking forward to hearing from you all!! MUCH RESPECT!!

My biggest gig is SATURDAY in the PARK 2008, SIOUX CITY,IA.(hosted 25,000 people)

My page:

Groups I work with:

GLI AMICI DI beatbreaker1


Billbwe (Professional edition user) scritto Sat 15 Mar 14 @ 2:19 am
Do you use playlists ?

prowler3 (Professional edition user) scritto Fri 07 Mar 14 @ 10:13 am
Have you had a chance to try out that Aux issue on the mixdeck quad?

jonpaulevans (Professional edition user) scritto Mon 25 Mar 13 @ 11:47 pm
I could really use some help on how to record video mixes. I've been at it on and off for days

timaragon01965 (Professional edition user) scritto Tue 05 Mar 13 @ 3:27 pm
i upgraded to the premium package how do i activate it to use netsearck skins and effects

locogary (Professional edition user) scritto Wed 24 Oct 12 @ 9:05 am
hola alguien q me puedayudrsoy nuevo esto

IRONWIL (Professional edition user) scritto Sat 15 Sep 12 @ 9:34 pm
hey i was wondering on how i can get on virtual dj online radio and be able to spin

bboysnyper (Limited edition user) scritto Mon 10 Sep 12 @ 5:00 pm
Hey man I checked out your latest vid on the scratch thread and I was wondering where did you get those scratch samples? I need some so if you can tell me how you got them id be greatly appreaciated

mj mix (Professional edition user) scritto Mon 03 Sep 12 @ 12:21 pm
hey can you sent me that skin too i like it

vjemmo (Professional edition user) scritto Thu 09 Aug 12 @ 1:37 pm
And thanks for the add too! Regards.

nixonkyle (Limited edition user) scritto Sat 21 Jan 12 @ 12:50 am
PLS . help me to use my downloaded skins and effects from philllipines here i know your the one can help me tnxs God bless i'm new at virtual dj le tnxs add me to

cesarcastillo (Experienced pro user) scritto Fri 13 Jan 12 @ 8:05 am
Hi Huey, Thank yor for accepting ;)

Stievie Gonzales (Professional edition user) scritto Thu 05 Jan 12 @ 5:29 pm
TY for accepting ;)

Deejay Corny (Professional edition user) scritto Thu 05 Jan 12 @ 4:35 am
Wish you a healthy 2012 and lost's of good times dj-ing!

dJ_ro_(ecu) (VIP Member) scritto Sun 25 Dec 11 @ 7:19 am
Felicidades en estas Fiestas!... con el deseo de que esta Noche de Paz sea tan sólo el comienzo de un Año pleno de éxitos!

osinho7 (Professional edition user) scritto Sun 18 Dec 11 @ 12:32 pm
Hi I have a question About the korg pad my is no showing up in virtual dj I want to of you can please tell my how you set it up does it have to do with sournd set up?

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