GLI AMICI DI beatbreaker1


1rickyjey (Limited edition user)scritto Mon 12 Jan 15 @ 4:09 pmhola .... talves me puede indicar si hay como o no cambiar los puntos cue en el controlador denon mc6000 para individualisarlos y configurarlos no como hot_cue ... solo cue
junegales (Professional edition user)scritto Mon 08 Dec 14 @ 8:46 amAccomplished Record player I have a large knowledge of different genre. mix's of genre from 1960 to now. R&B_Country_Rock_Blues_House_Pop_Soul_Rap.
Check Me Out Sometime You Will Never know. You Just might get Hook on June Gales.
djremix00 (Limited edition user)scritto Fri 11 Jul 14 @ 10:40 amhey whats up? can you please send me the virtual dj sampler 48/ email is
pochitodj (Senior Moderator)scritto Wed 04 Jun 14 @ 12:41 pmThks for accept my add ;)
pseft (Professional edition user)scritto Wed 28 May 14 @ 3:56 amroggie that :)
Billbwe (Professional edition user)scritto Sat 15 Mar 14 @ 2:19 amDo you use playlists ?
prowler3 (Professional edition user)scritto Fri 07 Mar 14 @ 10:13 amHave you had a chance to try out that Aux issue on the mixdeck quad?
jonpaulevans (Professional edition user)scritto Mon 25 Mar 13 @ 11:47 pmI could really use some help on how to record video mixes. I've been at it on and off for days
timaragon01965 (Professional edition user)scritto Tue 05 Mar 13 @ 3:27 pmi upgraded to the premium package how do i activate it to use netsearck skins and effects
locogary (Professional edition user)scritto Wed 24 Oct 12 @ 9:05 amhola alguien q me puedayudrsoy nuevo esto
IRONWIL (Professional edition user)scritto Sat 15 Sep 12 @ 9:34 pmhey i was wondering on how i can get on virtual dj online radio and be able to spin
bboysnyper (Limited edition user)scritto Mon 10 Sep 12 @ 5:00 pmHey man I checked out your latest vid on the scratch thread and I was wondering where did you get those scratch samples? I need some so if you can tell me how you got them id be greatly appreaciated
mj mix (Professional edition user)scritto Mon 03 Sep 12 @ 12:21 pmhey can you sent me that skin too i like it
vjemmo (Professional edition user)scritto Thu 09 Aug 12 @ 1:37 pmAnd thanks for the add too! Regards.
nixonkyle (Limited edition user)scritto Sat 21 Jan 12 @ 12:50 amPLS . help me to use my downloaded skins and effects from philllipines here i know your the one can help me tnxs God bless i'm new at virtual dj le tnxs add me to