The one and only DJ Mario Lambert...

I'm new to Virtual Vinyl but have been using an older virtual DJ program for several years now. I started to get into djing when I first heard the sounds of house music in Germany while living
there. Today I am a college student during the day and a DJ at night playing regularly for night clubs and private parties in Northeast Florida.

Gateway MX6424 series (Its old but it gets the job done) running Windows XP SP3
Apple Macbook Pro 17" running Snow Leopard.

Virtual Vinyl 5.x.x on Windows XP
Virtual Vinyl and Virtual DJ 6.x.x. on Snow Leopard

Virtual Vinyl Audio I/O
Time code CDs
Pioneer CDJ 800's
Pioneer DJM 800 with MIDI (sometimes)
Numark Mixdeck

Visit for more information!

GLI AMICI DI djmariojax


DJDAKI1 (Moderator)scritto Wed 18 Jun 14 @ 11:00 amthx 4 add
djnico20007 (No license user)scritto Wed 21 Mar 12 @ 9:07 pmpor favor que se haga versiones separadas de 32 y 64bits, asi como hay de mac y pc, se podrian separar tambien para uso con 32bits y 64bits, para los que tienen hasta 4gb y hasta 8gb de ram, estariamos agrecidos, bote abajo el que me apoya, para que esto se tome en cuenta...
Caliente123 (VIP Member)scritto Sat 28 Aug 10 @ 3:13 amMari.. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Whats good amigo LOL
leandro_quezada (Professional edition user)scritto Sun 18 Apr 10 @ 4:05 pmman sorry for replying late.. i wanted to download again your set from new years eve 2009/2010 but i was not able.. the link is broken. awesome tracklist by the way
GadgetMan (VIP Member)scritto Thu 08 Apr 10 @ 10:52 amThanks for the add...
leandro_quezada (Professional edition user)scritto Mon 08 Feb 10 @ 12:56 pmyo man send me the tracklist of Mario Lambert - Memories of 2009
mojo3467 (Professional edition user)scritto Mon 08 Feb 10 @ 8:33 amHey wpould you also add me as friend to your group!
mojo3467 (Professional edition user)scritto Mon 08 Feb 10 @ 8:32 amHey Mario how it's going I almost have my new system up went with Serato TTM 57 and 2 pioneer CDJ 400's I just spent the last 2 weekends converting my VOB video files to MP-4's to use with Serato TTM -57 and serato VSL-video plug in. Thanks for your phone help with VDJ let me know if I can ever help you!
DJ SINCLAIR (Professional edition user)scritto Sun 07 Feb 10 @ 4:01 pmHello , thanks for the Add :)
leandro_quezada (Professional edition user)scritto Wed 06 Jan 10 @ 6:03 amhello man, where can I hear your sets?
spinnaJ (Moderator)scritto Tue 29 Dec 09 @ 5:26 amHi, yeah... have the best of both world... design + music =Arts...:)
All the best in your studies and have a great day;)