User Manual

Interface - Mixer


2 Deck & 6 Deck View
4 Deck View

The VIDEO center panel offers video mixing controls as well as the most commonly used controls from the Audio Mixer such as GAIN, Volume Faders, Audio Crossfader and PFL selection buttons (see Audio Mixer). Additionally it offers a Video preview window for the Master Output, Deck preview windows, a Video Crossfader, Transition controls and Video Effect controls.

  1. Master Output Video Preview - This window displays the Master Video Output. Clicking inside this window will enable/disable the Video engine and Master Video Output. When enabled, a small external video window will open that can be used to monitor the video or it can be dragged to a second monitor and made full screen by double clicking it once in the desired position.

    Both the Master Output Video Preview and External Video screens have additional right click options that can be used to force the External Video Output into Full Screen mode.

    Clicking on a Display option (depending on the number of screens connected) will send the External Video Output to the desired screen in full screen mode. The option to show or close the External Video Output will be displayed depending on it's current state.

    The External Video Output also has an additional option to minimize the screen to the dock.

  2. Deck Video Preview - These windows display the video output of the left and right decks. Clicking on either of these windows will perform a video transition to the specified deck.

  3. Transitions & Effects - These drop down menus provide a wide range of various Transitions (to move seamlessly from deck to deck), Video Effects and Visualizations. Clicking on the down arrow will open the list of available plugins while clicking on the text will activate them. The 4 Deck Interface has a GUI button on each side to quickly open and dock the Transition or Effect GUI to the right side of the browser.

    When the Transitions and Effects menus are open, they can be Pinned open by using the Pin icon at the top, activated or docked to the browser area using the gear icon to the left of the chosen transition or effect.

    (See Effects for more detailed information.)

    For a complete list of effects, transitions and visualizations included in VirtualDJ, please see the List of Native Effects.

    A large collection of User Created Custom Transitions and Video Effects are available for licensed users at

    Please visit the following link to learn how to install a Custom Effect:

  4. Video Crossfader - Used to mix the Video Output of the decks. If the Video Crossfader is at the far left or right side, only the Video from that deck will be displayed on the Master Video Output. At any other position, the Videos will be mixed depending on the selected Video Transition. Double Clicking the Crossfader will bring it back to the center position.

    On each side of the Video Crossfader there are additional buttons to control how it behaves in relation to the Audio Crossfader:


    The Video Crossfader will automatically follow the deck that the audience is hearing.


    The Video Crossfader will follow the Audio Crossfader so that both are controlled with one fader.

    In 4 Deck mode, the video crossfader assign buttons can be used to assign a deck as left or right side to the video crossfader. If none are selected, the selection will automatically follow the left and right decks as selected from the relevant buttons on each deck (Auto mode). Right-click on any of the buttons to return to auto mode.

For a complete guide and to learn more about mixing video, please see: Scratch mixer