DJ Cyder
Atomix Corporate employee. Director of Global operations, technical support for the apple and pc platforms. A DJ since 1996 living in the back woods of Northwestern Pennsylvania (south of Erie, PA).


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testmix Mon 21st Aug 2017 testmix Sat 2nd Sep 2017 Vedi altro


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Mac Setup Mon 1st Jun 2009 Vedi altro


djbillc scritto Mon 02 Sep 13
can anybody tell me how to see all your folders on my mac
what i mean is when you wright click on your folders in left collum to can see all the songs in each folder on windows pc but on a Apple Mac you can only see what you see in that folder
pseft scritto Tue 21 Aug 12
kool DP
X1LoVeR scritto Tue 28 Feb 12
nice avatar ! and yes, I did it *lol* :-D
Deejay Corny scritto Thu 05 Jan 12
Have a healthy 2012!
TearEmUp scritto Tue 11 Oct 11
I always thought you were cool. Now, I know it for CERTAIN!!
wildcountryclub scritto Tue 27 Sep 11
best QR code scan i've done in weeks!
djmailman2 scritto Tue 12 Jul 11
can somebody pls help me on how to configure my ns7 sound card as an aggreate device in 44100 hz 16 bit and in guardraphonic mode on my mac pro?
Deejay Corny scritto Mon 13 Jun 11
Hi there DJ CYDER! I've added you to my friends, because anyone from Atomix Productions, anyone involved in making and improving Virtual DJ is my friend! Thank you for such a nice software.
Jynxx scritto Thu 24 Mar 11
CY-Derrrrrrrrrr! Just stopping in to say whats up mayn :D
Shoot me a PM and say hi or somethin! I am rockin the Denon MC6000 now btw hehe.
jgrader scritto Tue 25 Jan 11
I have the ns7fx and the macbook pro running virtual dj. I just got the mac so I am so confused on the setup. I have everything working but the performance tab in virtual dj is where I am confused with the sound card and stuff. Can you help me!!!
625023 scritto Thu 27 May 10
hey i just download the new version of cue 6.0.7 on my new mac pro i7. and i dont c the txet window or i cant show my logo no more!! if u can help pls
DJ Ace Cap1 scritto Tue 18 May 10
Thanks for you help! You rule.
LPspinner scritto Mon 10 May 10
hey thanks for your tip about marathon flight case for the Hercules RMX. may purchase one soon