DJ Marcel_1
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SuperAceMan scritto Sun 27 Feb 11
Love your outlook on the AVLA because it's true. Thanx for the insight! I have freinded you
Jason Gould scritto Sat 25 Dec 10
bugger... missed it.
Jason Gould scritto Sat 25 Dec 10
p.s. Merry Christmas.
Jason Gould scritto Sat 25 Dec 10
hey Marcel, thanks for taking the time to make the tutorials. i have watched that one you start mix with "put your back into it" a couple of times now. looping the chorus, never thought of that! Not much support down here (new zealand) for a VDJ DJ. Tech support i mean. Any advise for hooking a DJM 800 (got today !!! yay) up to VDJ 7. Hookup midi control & 4 decks (& more manuals to read) guess im gona need a new 8 out sound card too. anyway, i ramble ... thanks again.
Jason G
jimspinnin scritto Sat 26 Sep 09
What kind of mound did you use to mount your monitor to your case? That is almost the exact setup I am working on. I am getting a road ready case with a 2u rack computer, slide tray for keyboard and mouse, but was wondering how I could mount a monitior but remove it when I am done.
rob.mccombe scritto Wed 29 Apr 09
Hi thanks for reply just one more question. What size rack mount are you using for you computer parts as i am using a 4u rack mount but you flight case looks quite alot smaller than mine.
rob.mccombe scritto Tue 28 Apr 09
Hi marcel.
I have just started mixing videos i have a set up simialar to yours except i use the numark total control to control everything.
I just want to know were the best places to get music videos are as i have been using avi divx files but i cant realyy seem to get them anymore
djej scritto Tue 21 Apr 09
Thanks for the wedding song answers on my post..and congrats on VIP.....sorry this wall post will be moved to another thread LOL..
DjMorpheo22 scritto Sat 07 Mar 09
Hi, I added you, so could you confirm on my home page ? =) Thanks a lot ! =D
wildcountryclub scritto Sat 10 Jan 09
so i finally got to listen to that reggae set all the way through... Sweeet session! really helped me de-stress after a rough friday.
vj angelo scritto Thu 25 Dec 08
Buon Natale:))
Merry Christmas :))
vj angelo scritto Wed 15 Oct 08
Thanks for add DJ Marcel
by Vj Angelo =>> Musica Per I Vostri Occhi <<=