What up Virtual DJ, and to all the DJs Worldwide. My name is DJDMONEY and I am a mobile DJ and also a Radio DJ for VirtualDj that resides out of the United States in Jacksonville, Florida. I tell you I love music and more music and more music. Shoot i love to DJ it makes me feel so good that I am in control and in charge of the flow of the mix and shoot the party dude!! Yo holla at me if you are also near me so we can share interest. I mix Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, and Old School. Holla at me DJs.


JVILLEBOY809 scritto Sun 24 Aug 14
Happy Sunday!!
JVILLEBOY809 scritto Sun 27 Jul 14
Happy Sunday
JVILLEBOY809 scritto Thu 29 Mar 12
What is poppin world? Holla
JVILLEBOY809 scritto Fri 02 Mar 12
Stay tuned for greatness!!
djunique001 scritto Fri 02 Mar 12
it has made it EASIER Im feelin it too
JVILLEBOY809 scritto Fri 24 Feb 12
I know people out there have their opinions and everything but to me Virtual DJ ROCKS, to the creators you SAVED the DJ.. just saying!!