Yeah, I'm an old DJ...been mixing for over 20 years..feel free to ask me for help..I enjoy helping people...

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BakNdaDay scritto Mon 05 Sep 16
how and where can i get someone to chat with me on a personal basis about buying and adding to new pc ? i dont want to break any rules here !!
P La Cangri scritto Fri 11 Dec 15
Hey there I need your expertise. I have 2 problems.
1. Using windows 8/Virtual DJ Pro 8/RMX2
when I record using the RMX and then I playback the play back is 80% lower in volume then when I recorded it.
2. How can I use Skype effectively so that I can record my radio interviews?
Thank you
ibizancri scritto Wed 20 May 15
Hi, i need some help. I have sold one year ago my DJ-WEEGO to a teenager, but my licence of virtual DJ but i'm a not abble to transfer my licence of virtual DJ from my accompt to an other accompt. Also the teenager can't download the noveltys. How can i remove my licence in order to help the teenager record it ?
Thanks a lot for your help !
junegales scritto Mon 08 Dec 14
Accomplished Record player I have a large knowledge of different genre. mix's of genre from 1960 to now. R&B_Country_Rock_Blues_House_Pop_Soul_Rap.
Check Me Out Sometime You Will Never know. You Just might get Hook on June Gales.
Dazmax scritto Wed 25 Dec 13
Merry Xmas Terry. All the best to you and yours for the New Year. Cheers Buddy :-D
Bullecko scritto Sun 07 Jul 13
Okay got the Hercules in the sound card, Just can't get my headphones to cue the song to get played. I hear the track that is being played or I dont hear it at all. Could you give some examples of certain setups that could get me Playing & Mixing. I have XLR and RCA cables (Mutli-cables) I have been DJ'n for some time now 2+ years. with CDJ's, but I need this to work as it is much easier to carry to my events.
Respect & Thanks
hgriff23 scritto Sat 09 Feb 13
i just bought the mixdeck quad and can not seem not sync it with virtual dj. Can you help?? email:hgriff23@gmail.com
DjUttA scritto Fri 27 Apr 12
Hey... i'm somewhat of an old school turntablist. I used 1200's and Lp's as a kid. I'm disabled in one arm..I'm also not able to afford the neccessary inputs or plugins. I use a wirless mouse and an active mind to multitask using the plugins associated w the program. My question to you..is : Do you personally reccomend an usb input for virtual dj. I have a PC..soon to have a Mac. In addition to Virtual I use native instruments Maschine-(Complex!1) but veery effective. I'd like to combine the programs and use an usb input controller to create a greater spectrum of sound..therefore enabling me to take advantage of my disability. I can scratch like Q-bert wo the crossfader. In summary..My fingertips are skillful. If I have a touch sequence input I'd have more of an advantage rather than using the application alone. I apologize for the wordiness but you did say you love to help. Started using virtual in 2008. Best regards..Dj UttA
dj sobrao scritto Sat 10 Mar 12
joanb99 scritto Sat 07 Jan 12
One question you are from america?
joanb99 scritto Sat 07 Jan 12
Hi ! , thanks for the add.
Stievie Gonzales scritto Fri 06 Jan 12
Ty for accepting :)
simodjs scritto Thu 29 Dec 11
thnx for the add ;)
DJ_Potter scritto Wed 21 Dec 11
terry!! congratulations for the new status!!!