DJ Derrick E.

Tue 01 Aug 06 @ 5:55 pm

New 'ish right here everyone. Peep this out:

Beenie Man Feat Akon - Girls
Busta Rhymes - I Love My Chick
E-40 feat T-Pain - U & Dat
Bubba Sparxxx - Heat It Up
Remy Ma - Conceited
Cassie - Me & You (Remix)
Mary J. Blige - Enough Cryin'
Shawnna - Damn
Fonzworth Bentley ft C.A.S.H. - Laid Back
Cherish - Do It Do It (Remix)
Ludacris - Pussy Poppin'
Young Dro feat T.I. - Shoulder Lean
Shawnna - Can't Do It Like Me
Ciara - Get Up
Missy Elliot - Lose Control
LL Cool J. - Control Myself
Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous (Feat. Timbaland)
Justin Timberlake- SexyBack
Field Mob - So What
Jibbs - Chain Hang Low
Monica feat Dem Franchize Boyz - Everytime The Beat Drop
Ice Cube feat Snoop Dogg - Go To Church
Ludacris feat Pharrell - Money Maker
Janet feat Nelly - Call On Me
Core DJs - Talk Hard
Paula DeAnda - Doin Too Much
Rick Ross - Hustlin' (Remix)
Trina feat Ludacris - B R Right

Click Here To Listen

Fri 07 Jul 06 @ 6:39 am

Custom Lightjockey setup wih dual 17" touch screens powered by a pizzabox Compaq CPU under a custom enclosure.

Rack with many amps and BBE processors. Next to it is the PC custom built by me for VDJ.

Monitor, Wireless Keyboard, Trackball Mouse, and Numark Mixer.

Fri 07 Jul 06 @ 6:29 am

Here is my setup @ home.

Dual Samsung 17" Monitors
Tascam US-428 Sound Card Mixer
Presonus Tube Pre-Amp
Mac-Mini & Big PC Tower [Not Shown]

Numark TTX-1 Turntable
Stanton SK 6F Mixer
Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD Deck
M-Audio SP-5B Powered Monitor

Shure KSM27 Mic (Protected by The ROCK)

Fri 07 Jul 06 @ 12:43 am

I'm an old school vinyl-head. Even though I've crossed over to MP3 and CDs, I miss certain things about Vinyl.

1. Colored vinyl. I used to geek over see-thru colored vinyl, but what was even better was....

2. Picture discs! Most of the time I would just buy them to have them, I could care less about the song on them.

3. Wierd vinyl. I have a couple of old techo records that spin from the inside-out instead of outside-in.

I'll post pictures when I have a chance.

Fri 07 Jul 06 @ 12:07 am

I love my vinyl, and my CDs, but since VDJ I don't miss them a lot. Why you ask? Well I don't have to worry about having TWO copies of all my hot songs. Your next question might be why you would need two copies of anything. Well the first reason would be so that you can do tricks like beatjuggling. (That will be covered in a different blog.) But most importantly, you can do you own remixes (edits) of very long songs.

I loved the Thunderpuss anthems put out in the early part of the new decade. However it did irritate me how long it took to get to the actual song. Listening in your car is one thing, being in the club is quite another. People these days have short attention spans. Your job as a DJ is to keep their attention for hours at a time. The best way to do this is to not play the same song for longer than 3-4 minutes. Notice most songs on the radio aren't longer then 3-4 minutes. There are exceptions to this rule depending on the type of music you are playing, but in most cases it helps to keep things moving and take the crowd on a journey.

Now to subject at hand. Loading two copies of the same song will allow to skip those boring parts of the song and in some cases get back to a section of the song to allow you to mix the next song in. In order to do this properly you need to have a very good knowledge of the song you are mixing. Two things you can try in your next mix:

1. Try skipping an entire verse in the song. Mix your second copy of the song in during the hook (or chorus)

2. Repeat a verse using the method above. (I wouldn't do this during a set, just to pratice.)

For some songs it will be easy, for some songs an outright bitch, but that is part of the fun right?! Once you get the hang of it, you will wonder why you ever let that 10 minute song play for 10 minutes!

Be sure to use Cue points to your advantage. Back in the day we needed to mark our records so we knew where a break would coming in. If you've ever watched a DMC competition you will notice that most of the records have stickers all over the label and sometimes the record itself. The purpose of this is so that they can drop the needle at a certain point and know exactly where they should be without needing headphones to cue things up. (Headphones are for sissys. lol) Mark the breaks and chorus with cue points to make things easier when doing a custom edit of a song.

VDJ makes things a lot easier for the DJ these days, however that doesn't mean you should let it do all the work for you. Even though you are using a computer to mix, there is still plenty of "art" left in using a computer to DJ.

Thu 06 Jul 06 @ 11:31 pm

Go to my site to hear it:

June/July 2006 Hip Hop Mix

Chamillionaire - Ridin
Purple Ribbon All Stars - Kryptonite
D4L - Betcha Can't Do It Like Me
Da Backwudz - I Don't Like The Look Of It
Lil Bit vs. Ne-Yo - So sick & The Answer
David Banner - Touchin'
DJ Quik - Get Down
Da Muzicianz - Camera Phone
Bun-B ft Ying Yang Twins - Git It
Homebwoi - Flatline (put that on ya)
E-40 - Tell Me When To Go (Remix)
Busta Rhymes - Touch It (Remix)
B.G.ft. Mannie Fresh - Move Around
Paul Wall - Girl
Kelis - Bossy
Sean Paul - Breakout
Twista - Hit The Floor
Pitbull - Bo Jangles
Tweet vs. Aalliya - Ooops
Missy vs. Mya - Case of the Ex Hot Boyz
Petey Pablo vs Fat Joe - Opposites Raise Up
702 - Star
Kelis - Caught Out There
TI - Why You Wanna Do That
Total - Can't You See
Busta Rhymes ft. Eminem - I'll Hurt You (Remix)
Ludacris - Sweet Revenge
Juelz Santana - Clockwork