Brooklyn, Boogy Down Bronx (5 blocks from Yankee Stadium) and Puerto Rico are my roots. Have been all over the world, just left Japan and now back in Bahrain. Been DJing & spinning for . . DAMN just hit the 30 year mark! : ) since back in the days (Vinyls) in a public park or street corner with Technics system plugged into a light pole & MC's of crews battling it out. Today just jamming away with VDJ making sure I keep'em on the dance floor!!! VIDEO MIXING in FULL effect!! Keep The Party Goin'! ; )



silverfox4562 scritto Thu 17 Mar 16
Hello, I'm new here it's all interesting and exciting. I'm moving forward reading and checking out much... Nice!
islanboy scritto Mon 18 Apr 11
@DME-CEO; All is good out here. After so many years, hell centuries this drama made it to the media because of Egypt and of course totally sensationalized but what to do. Of course because of it I had some major events postponed one with G-Unit DJ's but getting them back on the radar screen. Hell Toby Keith will be here Friday so plenty coming up on the plate!! :) Hope all is good out your way. Hit me up on PM with your email and etc. KEEP THE PARTY GOIN' ! ! !
DME-CEO scritto Thu 17 Feb 11
Hey bro, hope all is good wit you over there with all the kaos in Bahrain right now! chime in when you get chance & stay safe!
DME-CEO scritto Thu 17 Feb 11
@islanboy, you know it! SasaVegas! :)
islanboy scritto Thu 22 Jul 10
Rog, thanks Bro!! Hope to see you out again! I for certain will swing by your spot!
scoobydo scritto Tue 20 Jul 10
hey win
it was great to meet up with a fellow vdj user last night you had me rocking

islanboy scritto Wed 02 Jun 10
@DJ Ernie2; funny you mentioned that because I lived in Corpus Christi for 2 years but that was 1997 & at one point was in H-Town (I think the Mercury Club or something like that) for a visit with a Swing music group called Dem Brooklyn Bums. Definitely need to make out that way once again.
djernie2 scritto Wed 26 May 10
yeah i see you have been around the world but you have not been to houston, whats up with that.
tlawyer scritto Wed 06 Jan 10
Damn those were the Day's Grandmaster Flash, Cool Herc. 217th in Da Boggie Down. In Alabama now doing my thang.
islanboy scritto Mon 04 Jan 10
2010 - World peace through music!!! Keep'em on the dance floor!!