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music234 scritto Wed 16 Mar 16
Juast added you. Thank you for your Statements about my skin
savagemyth scritto Sun 07 Dec 14
update: pressing hot cue once activates "PAD_MODE_HOTCUE". Pressing shift+hot cue activates "PAD_MODE_GROUP1" so:

In the controller mapping section, locate GROUP1_PAD1 and switch the corresponding action for each pad from (for example)

GROUP1_PAD1 from hot_cue 9 (that's the default) to whichever effect you would like to activate. Then do the same for GROUP1_PAD2 and so on. Simple!

I tried putting effect_select "echo" in the GROUP1_PAD1 slot instead of hot_cue 9 and it works. It changes the effect in FX Select slot 1. If you change the effect name between the quotes for the other pads in GROUP1, it will swap out the first effect slot. If you want the effect to automatically be active, then the entry should look like:

effect_select "echo" & effect_active

This works pretty well and should be your answer. The hard part is deciding which effect you want where. Personally, I don't mind shift+fx select on to toggle through different effects on the first effect slot. There might be a way to assign each button in GROUP_1 to different slots too.