ace diamond scritto Tue 07 Nov 17
Helllo all!! I really needhelp mapping my controllers..I’m not bad in computers but i seems to fail everytime I wanna map my controllers the way I want it I’m a pro infinity user and using cdj9 with dnx-1600 and an Akai mpx8 for pads I mapped the the cdjs fine but I can’t Map the mpx8 midi sampler pad to toggle bettwen pads on both decks!!!can anyone please help??
synthet1c scritto Sat 29 Aug 15
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sjokexet scritto Fri 19 Dec 14
I downloaded your mapping for virtual dj but i can´t get it to work in my mac, I can´t find the "driver" on the web so i can use idj black as "two deck" Right now i have only one play, one cue etc.
locodog scritto Wed 12 Nov 14
Where've you gone?
kayeg scritto Thu 27 Feb 14
the skin thats looks like serato 2 deck im interested in that skin
djmfsunflower scritto Wed 05 Feb 14
please help me with the Pro Mapping for CMD PL-1 djmfsunflower@yahoo
cantello999 scritto Sat 05 Oct 13
can you help find virtual dj pro mapping for vestax vci-400 i just bought? paleeze!!
DJ Bertie scritto Sat 13 Jul 13
heyy are you open to me emailing you a sample of how these effects are working? it would be a huge time saver!
tayla scritto Sun 09 Dec 12
Thanks for the add...
lenzo187 scritto Mon 19 Nov 12
hi Synthet1c, could you please help me out with a mapper for the pioneer ddj t1. i will owe you bigtime if you can help me out, thanks. Lenz
technz scritto Sat 17 Nov 12
hey man, get in touch with me either by dropping me a PM here or emailing me, i have some stuff i need to chat with you about.
technz scritto Tue 13 Nov 12
hey man, i noticed your doing some maps for the S2, if ya need it i can send you my definition files so that you can make use of the shift function and the high res HID wheels
dj nova1019 scritto Sun 01 Jul 12
Hey Synthetic

I have a
sync : synchronize the song with the other deck.
play_sync : play the song instantly synchronized with the other deck.
play_sync_onbeat : instantly synchronize the song with the other deck, using local beat information instead of the global beatgrid.
play_onbeat : instantly synchronize the song with the other deck, using local beat information instead of the gloabl beatgrid, but don't change the pitch.
match_bpm : set the pitch to match the BPM of the other deck.
smart_play : when smart_play is activated, songs are automagically synchronized when played.
masterdeck : select/unselect this deck as 'master deck'. When a master deck is set, all synchronization operations will take the master deck as reference. (for skins with more than 2 decks)
beatlock : activate/deactivate the beatlock (to keep the songs always in sync, even while moving the pitch).

My question is where do I find all these options? I have virtual DJ pro.

DJ nova
question you posted,thismasman answer to someone's post....