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 DJ Patterns

Nome: DJ Patterns
Autore: JamesWjRose - Experienced pro user -

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DJ Patterns is a simple tool that scans your playlists to show you what media (songs/videos) have followed what media.

Each media gets it's own top level in the tree, and all media played after that media are branched below. This is designed to allow the DJ to easily see what media they have historically used after the current. It gives you an easy way to see what may have worked for you previously and what you may have used too often. After all you don't want to get into a rut.

It includes the following media detail: (Only shown in there is data available)
* Parent Plays (the number of times played after the media above it)
* Author (aka artist)
* Title
* Album
* File (location of the media file)
* Genre
* Bitrate
* Gain
* Key
* Comments
* Length (The time length of the media)
* The playlists that this media was played on.
* Icon show musical notes for audio files
* Icon shows film strip for video files
* Search function, +Search Next (F3)
* Can add a folder full of playlists (CTRL+F)
* Can add one or more playlists (CTRL+P)
* Can drag and drop playlists or folders to tree to add them.
* When adding a folder the dialog defaults to the VDJ "Tracklisting" folder. You can select a different folder of course.
* Media details are pulled from the VDJ Database XML file, not MP3 tags, etc.

This is designed to work with the VDJ 6.0 database, but it may be used with previous version. At very least you will be able to see what media have followed what, but the media details may not be available.

Update 1.01 - 02.23.2010
* A few code variables were not declared (thank you DJCel)
* Menu option for setting VDJ Database path.

Update 1.5 - 03.19.2010
* The display area is split in half and can be re sized. (This was always available, but since it was not stated I thought it should be stated)

* Playlist selection dialog starts when application starts. This means that there are two less clicks to start the process)
* Option to display Unused media. Be aware that use of this function can take some time! It is an option that comes up at the end of the initial scan, so you can avoid using it. It is also available from the file menu.
* The check for unused can be stopped and restarted. DJ Patterns checks for duplicates to avoid double listing an unused media.
* "Search Next" allowing the user to look for the next instance of a search
* Media details now includes Gain, Key and Comments.
* Media details are only show if there is data. For example: If there are comments but not Gain information the comments will be displayed, but not the Gain. (obviously). I rethought showing "N/a" when there was no information but this seemed unnessasary and distracting.

Bug fixes
* XML issues fixed
* Some minor code cleanup to help improve scan speed
* Fixed an issue with search
* Check "local" database(s) for media details

Update 1.5.4 - 03.22.2010
Fixed a few small bugs.

If there are any questions or requests please feel free to contact me by Private Message:

James Rose.