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Topic: VDJ 7 with Rane 12's
I haven't used DVS for a few years now (old skool serato user) and am taking delivery of some Rane 12's shortly but was surprised to see if I want to purchase the up to date VDJ that I'll be classed as a pro user instead of a home user (like i am) and would be charged a fairly big monthly charge (or nearly 300 bucks for lifetime use).

Can anyone please tell me if VDJ 7 can handle the output timecode from the rane 12's and run ok? I'm not interested in the midi thing really. I cannot afford pro software and am ijust messing around on my home setup basically.

Inviato Wed 20 Apr 22 @ 8:57 pm
VirtualDJ 7 could handle timecode.
BUT, you would need a license to use that feature of VirtualDJ 7.

(and price would be same)

Inviato Wed 20 Apr 22 @ 9:21 pm
Actually I'm not 100% sure that the timecode signal of Rane 12 MKII will work fine with VirtualDJ 7

Rane 12 MKII offers both VirtualDJ and Serato timecode signals.
However both of them are newer versions of those supported b VirtualDJ 7.
At least for VirtualDJ signal I'm 100% sure that Rane 12 MKII offers V8 timecode signal that's not 100% compatible with VirtualDJ 7.

Inviato Thu 21 Apr 22 @ 6:44 am
thanks for both those responses.
Yeah i'm stuck with v7Pro and can't stump up for the latest 2022 pro version, i'm a home user and not a pro but VDJ puts me in that category it seems. I'll find out next week when I get hold of them if they work with 7 I guess.


Inviato Thu 21 Apr 22 @ 5:09 pm
Most legitimate version 7 Pro licenses transfer to the newest version automatically, unless you're using a dodgy one?

Inviato Thu 21 Apr 22 @ 5:41 pm
I think it's legit, it's on a loan PC that i'm borrowing so I've got to do something soon software wise. My PX5 mixer would let me just buy a traktor license for around £80 and run with it's onboard soundcard but i'm not really a traktor fan.

Inviato Thu 21 Apr 22 @ 8:56 pm
I found Mixxx and all my problems just went away, lol. Great custom skins and time code ability for free off the bat. I'm sure the devil's in the detail somewhere but for nada i've just solved all my current issues. Thanks for your input.

Inviato Fri 22 Apr 22 @ 1:00 pm
Cool, enjoy. I have to admit VDJ pricing is a bit steep for something you don't make money from.

Inviato Fri 22 Apr 22 @ 1:12 pm
"I found Mixxx and all my problems just went away,"

..well it was never going to be that simple and the devil was indeed in the detail, i'm back with Virtual DJ (7) I found Mixxx a great bit of software but I was losing tracking on it with DVS when testing it with scrubbing/scratching no matter what I tried to get over it, it also felt like it was still very much a work in progress in some areas, great if you don't care about sticker drift f and just want to get on with mixing and all the other stuff it does though.


Inviato Tue 03 May 22 @ 6:26 pm
Buying a full licence is the best thing I ever did, it's the price of one gig, I purchased it when I was just a home user, its been upgraded free ever since, just go for pro infinity......

Inviato Sat 14 May 22 @ 3:38 am