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Topic: Dragging Songs from File Explorer to VDJ issues
I don't know if it was the new update but when I go to drag a bunch of songs from the file explorer in windows to drop into VDJ, a little 'do not enter' symbol appears over the files I'm dragging them when I place them on the VDJ icon. You used to be able to drag them over, VDJ would maximize, and you could drop them into either the automix or into the sidelist. Something in the settings I need to change? Just makes loading a bunch of songs from a file easier. The songs still appear in the search function btw. Just weird.

Inviato Tue 17 May 22 @ 9:32 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Perhaps you started either explorer or VirtualDJ as Administrator?

Inviato Wed 18 May 22 @ 4:42 am