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Topic: CFX-Maximizer plugin only works the first time on 64-bit machines?
I am running VDJ 2021 PC build 0732.1894 Pro License on an Windows 10 HP laptop (64-bit) and just installed CFX-Maximizer via the Extensions options of VDJ. The program worked fine the first time I installed it, but on successive launchings of VDJ, it does not work (in fact, when you enable it, it turns off the sound from that deck). I "uninstalled it" (i.e., deleted the DLL/ini file in the VDJ folder where it was stored on my C: drive) and reinstalled it, but the behavior is the same. I noticed that there are two install versions listed on the VDJ website for this extension (one says PC, the other PC (32-bit). I'm wondering if the Extensions installation app in VDJ is picking the wrong version for my PC when it installs? The install did place the CFX-Maximizer.dll in C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\VirtualDJ\Plugins64\SoundEffect folder, so I assume that is the correct folder. Any ideas?

Inviato Mon 18 Jul 22 @ 10:12 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
You re right, i get the same behavior and you have posted in the right place already
Unfortunately, it's only the author of the Addon who can fix this, so either hope that he will show up or dont use this at all ;)

Please use only the topic above.

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Inviato Mon 18 Jul 22 @ 10:37 pm