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I've heard that you are making a new version of Atomix MP3.I think that the program is great.I'm from Yugoslavia,
and we have a lot of DJ's here that are very popular.I just want to say that nobody works on two decks no more.It would be great to put three decks (for three songs) in the program.Second - something very important - I think that you should definitly put a mighty equalizer that works imediatly (not like the one in winamp that works after 5 seconds...).There for,I sugest that you have keyboard shortcuts in the program,too.For example - EQ bass up/down,treble up/down,cue,play,pause,stop,send to deck...It would be perfect.I like what you did with flash - help...Skins are a great idea...If you would make these changes,too,it would no long be a children's toy - it would be a very popular program...

Phreeknik :)

Inviato Sun 13 May 01 @ 1:25 pm
You can already play up to 6 decks at a time - check out the Multiple Instance setting in the config section.

As for EQ and shortcuts - wait for the new version - it has been rumoured......

.... but there's enough of this speculation elsewhere on this forum and we can all read between the lines. So much as to say, have you read the news on the home page yet?

By the way - I played out last nite in front of 1500 clubbers, using atomix - not so much of a children's toy already.

DJ DaveOcean

Inviato Sun 13 May 01 @ 3:52 pm
I can understand wanting an EQ for hobby DJing, but for the real deal surely you will use your mixer for instant reaction and much higher quality (if you get a decent mixer). It also allows you more premix ability to set the volume levels better.

Dj Dez

Inviato Mon 14 May 01 @ 2:01 pm
Yes, true, and I do use a separate mixer now that I have found a USB sound device for my laptop. But until then, I had to use the onboard mixer in the program and EQ would have been a great bonus then.

Even so, it would still be useful to have EQ etc and use the atomix mixer if you wanted to record your set to hard drive at the same time - so wait and see if the new version will give us best of both worlds.

Inviato Mon 14 May 01 @ 8:24 pm
I'm using an external mixer with equalizer and kill functions.
By routing the mixing table's "Master Out" to the Line In of my soundcard I'm able to record to harddisk in realtime.
I have to launch a recorder application in the background, but it works without any hickups.


DJ Corpse

Inviato Mon 14 May 01 @ 9:14 pm
Thank you DJ Corpse, but my laptop doesn't have a line in - only mic in.

Inviato Mon 14 May 01 @ 9:33 pm
OK, sorry about that.

I thought either your onboard card or your USB device would have one, apparently not.

That's a shame, so how do you record your work then ? Go to a tape recorder first ?


DJ Corpse

Inviato Mon 14 May 01 @ 10:25 pm
No worries m8, it was a good point you made and it is good for the other users to see it.

When I'm recording a live mix using my laptop, I use the inbuilt record function in atomix by the way. If I'm using an external mixer, I can record as you said, using creative recorder usually, to record the line in (but only on my pc as above) - and I can also record using creative recorder set to 'what you hear' as the source - mainly for when I have to use my headphones 'cause my girlfriend is in bed asleep...LOL

That's the great thing with atomix - it is flexible - and you can set your system up in many ways to suit your requirements. So adding an onboard EQ is just adding to the flexibility.

Game on!

Inviato Tue 15 May 01 @ 12:25 am
I've tried many DJ programs and i still find Atomix the best. Its interface reminds me of the Numark CD - Mix 1 (An all in one DJ Mixer & Dual CD package).

It'd be great if Atomix had a "Fader Start" function. When selected, it pauses the channel its currently on when the crossfader is moved to the opposite channel.

And of course, the usual EQ funtions would be a bit helpful too (I'm sure you guys are working on it!).

The ONLY thing that i find is bad about ATOMIX is the inaccurate Beat counter.

otherwise it kicks ass...!


Inviato Thu 17 May 01 @ 4:06 am
Still,it;s not the best program!

Inviato Sat 26 May 01 @ 8:48 pm
So what do you reckon is the best, Mr Anon, please let us know your opinion.

Inviato Sun 27 May 01 @ 6:21 pm

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