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Topic: How do you use Atomix with an external mixer?

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I was woundering how club DJ's using Atomix use an external mixer? How does this help and do you use 2 computers (laptops, desktops etc?). Basically what is the usally setup?

P.S. The next update is taking it's time, I bet its worth it though!!

Inviato Fri 01 Jun 01 @ 5:40 am
mamaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
First let me say: IT IS WORTH WAITING!! :-))

To use AtomixMP3 with an external mixer, you first need a laptop or a desktop PC with either a 3D or a second soundcard, to use both channels. Then you plug rear/front or first/second soundcard to the channels of your mixer. You´ll need the cables to do this. If you want to record your mix on your PC, you plug the record out of your mixer to the line in of your soundcard. Then you go to the settings menu, sound config and set the right config (3D + mixer or 2 soundcards + mixer). And that´s all! Now, if your mixer is plugged to an amp, you can start the first song and mix it, using the crossfader of your external mixer.


Inviato Fri 01 Jun 01 @ 8:05 am

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