ContentUnlimited Offline Use

Q. Can I use ContentUnlimited with no Internet connection?

Music, karaoke and/or video from your ContentUnlimited subscription plan(s) can be cached to your hard disk for off-line playing with no Internet connection - Simply right-click on the song in the search results and choose the option to download it to the cache.

Once downloaded to the cache, click on the Show downloaded content folder and you will see the song in the list of files. Drag it onto a deck to play the cached version from disk rather than streaming live over the Internet.

NOTE: These files are DRM protected and can only be played by your VirtualDJ - They cannot be played in any other application or device (E.g: iPod.)

The cache authorisations will need updating periodically (Every few weeks), otherwise the cached content will not be playable (Unless you have an activate Internet connection, in which case it will be renewed automatically when you load it.)

You can refresh your cache authorisations by right-clicking on the ContentUnlimited\Show downloaded content folder and choosing this option. You must of course have an active Internet connection to do this. We would recommend doing this at home just prior to going to an off-line gig to ensure that all cache authorisations are up-to-date.

NOTE: Even with an active Internet connection, it's still worthwhile caching the song to disk first, otherwise if there are any problems with your connection or it slows down, the song playback may catch up with the streaming, resulting in the song stopping.

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