How do I use ContentUnlimited

Q. How do I use ContentUnlimited?

First, you will need to subscribe to one or more of our subscription plans.

Please ensure that you have the latest VirtualDJ or VirtualDJ Home FREE installed.

Karaoke and video subscription plans require VirtualDJ v7.4 or later. The audio subscription plan will work with VirtualDJ v6.1 or later (Via the old depreciated NetSearch feature.)

Next, start VirtualDJ and go to the CONFIG -> Internet tab. Enter your login name and password in the boxes provided. Click the button to log in (You will need an active Internet connection of course.)

If the Internet tab is not available then this may be because you are either using an old version of the software that does not support ContentUnlimited or you are using VirtualDJ LE, which is free limited software and may lack this option outside of the 20 day full VirtualDJ Pro trial. You may need to upgrade to the latest version or the full VirtualDJ Professional if you are using VirtualDJ LE. If the ContentUnlimited or NetSearch folder is available, try clicking on it and/or searching for a song and it may prompt you to log in.

NOTE: If the older NetSearch folder is shown (Version of VirtualDJ prior to v7.4) then only the audio plan subscription is supported. You will need to upgrade to VirtualDJ v7.4 or later to be able to use video and/or karaoke subscription plans.

Once logged in, click on the ContentUnlimited icon in the list of folders (Left-hand section of the browser.) Then click on the appropriate sub-folder for the plan that you wish to search, e.g: Search Audio if you have subscribed to the audio plan and wish to search for audio files, Search Karaoke to search for karaoke, etc. If you are using a version of VirtualDJ prior to v7.4, then click on the NetSearch folder.

Type in the name of the song that you are looking for, e.g: abba mamma mia

When the results are displayed, you can either drag a song onto a deck to stream it live directly from the Internet, or you can right-click on it and cache it to your hard disk. This will also allow off-line playing without an Internet connection and will also avoid the possibility of the playing song 'catching' up (Song cuts out due to running out of buffer) if the streaming via your Internet connection isn't fast enough. Content that you have previously cached can be found in the Show downloaded content folder (Or NetSearch folder in versions prior to VirtualDJ v7.4)

NOTE: If you play gigs off-line, please ensure that you update your cache authorisations before going to the gig. To do this, with an active Internet connection, right-click on the downloaded content folder and choose this option. We would recommend doing this just prior to going to an off-line gig.

NOTE: Please ensure that your firewall is not blocking VirtualDJ from connecting to the content plan servers.

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