Is there a skin available for controller NAME

Q. Is there a skin available for my controller?

Official skins are only normally created for controllers that ship with VirtualDJ LE or Console Edition included when this is requested by the manufacturer.

These special skins are exclusive to the LE version and will only normally be available to you if you own the controller and install the VirtualDJ LE/Console Edition that came with it. If you also own or upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Professional, you can install this at the same time and use the special skin in Pro if you wish to do so.

Unofficial user-made skins can also be found in our skins download area, where you can find look-alike skins for popular controllers as well as other DJ hardware (E.g: Traditional decks and non-MIDI capable CD players.)

If no look-alike skin is available, then another talented user may be willing to create one if you ask in the Skins Forum. You will need to be a registered licensed user to be able to download custom skins.

NOTE: Not all controllers that ship with VirtualDJ LE will always have a look-alike skin. In some cases, the manufacturer may prefer and opt for the default skin.

NOTE: Using a look-alike skin is not required for optimal performance of a controller. The skin has no effect on the functionality of a MIDI controller and vice-versa. In fact, when using a controller, it's often better to use a more minimalistic skin designed for controller use that allows more space for the browser, effects, samples, etc.

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