Recording Video HowTo


This tutorial explains how to configure VirtualDJ to record video using the codecs mostly used.
There is not only one video configuration possible because the variety of existing codecs and combinations that can be obtained are numerous. Even the hardware combinations are importants and it is not mathematically determined that a configuration on a system gives the same results on a new one. Only the final test of the configuration confirm the good or bad result.

The configuration explained in this guide has as objective:
• a good video quality
• stability and low CPU load
• which does not introduce any out of sync between audio and video.

There are various solutions such as use Dvix codec, h264, xvid, mpeg and many others, but some of them there were issues of audio/video timing or a heavy commitment of the cpu that causing Skips video frames. The proposed solution are based on MPEG2 and MPEG4 codecs. This choice is dictated not only by the reasons just described, even by Experience in the Software development and the collection of information by the users. So at present these are the recommended configurations and also the most popular and reliable.

Follow this procedure:

1)Install ffdshow (use the deafult settings) and restart the system. It's suggested ffdshow because offer good performances with a low CPU consumption. You need to use 32-bit version, even on 64-bit windows.

to download the pack click here

2)Open the recording configuration page and set the audio bit rate:

Click on “config” and choose the il bit rate. It's recommended the value from 192 to 320 Kbs to obtain a good audio quality.

3)Now, let's go on with the video configuration:

Click on “config” and choose in the drop down menù ffdshow Video Codec, then click on “configure”

It's the time to setup the codec Mp4v:

if you prefer the MPG2:

The pictures show a settings which gives a good quality for both codecs. If you want to save space on the hd, you can choose other settings by adjusting the parameters of the codec in particular by decreasing the bitrate (kbps).
This solution is not the most parsimonious in terms of space used in the hard disk but today should not be a big problem. Usually this configuration is very stable, do not overload the CPU and return a good quality audio and video.
Now we are ready to record our videos!

Max Mora (moramax)