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 What is the difference between VirtualDJ LE and other VirtualDJ Licenses

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Q: What is the difference between VirtualDJ LE and Pro Infinity License ?

VirtualDJ LE (or VirtualDJ Lite) is a Limited Edition of VirtualDJ, bundled by manufacturers with their hardware and provides a License to use your new controller straight out of the box. It is limited in features (compared to Pro Infinity) and not in time, meaning that the LE license will not expire in time.

Below is a complete list of differences between VirtualDJ 8 LE and VirtualDJ 8 Pro Infinity :

  • Search is disabled (except in Content Unlimited folders)
  • Filter Folders are disabled
  • Browser fields are fixed to Artist, Title and Remix
  • Fields cannot be sorted
  • Dragging and Dropping from Operating System folders is disabled
  • Sideview is unavailable
  • Automix is disabled
  • Karaoke is disabled
  • Info Panel is unavailable
  • Cover Flow is disabled
  • Goto Last Folder, Browser Options and Browser Zoom are unavailable in the Side Toolbar

Despite the limitation in features, VirtualDJ LE offers all the basic mixing features and full operation of your controller without any time limitations. Don't forget that this is a free software provided by the manufacturer, giving you the ability to use your controller with a DJ software at no cost, right out of the box.

To enjoy the full features of VirtualDJ you will need to upgrade to a Pro Infinity or Plus Controller license. There is usually a discount in most cases which you can receive by going to the purchase page and entering your VirtualDJ LE serial number in the box provided in the Discount Prices section.


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