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Nome: VDJFlacTags
Autore: jboerlage - Experienced pro user -

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VDJ (still in 8) lacks the option of batch updating the song database after metadata has been changed in the origional music files. SynchronizeTags is a free application that allows your database to be resynced with the metadata in your files even for several formats that aren't nativly supported by Virtual DJ.


-> Add metadata of FLAC and WMA files to the Virtual DJ database, two formats of which storing the metadata is not possible in VDJ.
-> Batch update the Virtual DJ database with the changes made in the metadata of your files (mp3, wma, FLAC, mp4 (BETA))
-> Update the detected key in the Virtual DJ database with the key stored in your files (as set by for example Mixed in Key), both major and minor keys supported
-> Support for reading the EnergyLevel as set by Mixed in Key 5.5
-> Update Virtual DJ database's custom field1 and field2 with a mask of tags, for example disk and songnumber (which isn't available in VDJ)
-> Update the Virtual DJ database with tags distilled from the filename of zip files (for Karaoke users)
-> Compacts the database
-> Filter on what update on which part of the database should be applied

The program is safe to use; it creates a backup of your database before replacing it and will perform several checks before eventually updating your database.

- Support for cover art in FLAC

- Support for mp4 (beta)
- Support for Energy Level (mp3,mp4,flac) as detected by Mixed In Key 5.5
- Reminds last settings
- Various small bug fixes

- Option to update the key in VDJ from values set by programs like Mixed in key in mp3 & flac files. This will override the detected key and supports both major and minor keys

-Support for updating tags based on zip (karaoke) filenames
-Minor ID3 bug fixes

-Bug fix with mp3 artist ID3 tags

- Fixed minor UTF encoding bug

- Updated ID3 libs for optimal tag support
- Added option to sync tags (for example discnumber and track) into field2

- Added option to synchronize mp3 and wmv files as well
- Added filter for more targeted synchronization

- Fixed handling Virtual Folders
- Interface update
- Added support link

- First release

[Atomix Productions' comment] Atomix Productions shall in no event be liable for any damages whatsoever linked to the use of this program (lost of data in the database, ...). This tool has to be used at your own risk and you have to be aware of the impact on the VirtualDJ database.