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 How is the VirtualDJ account useful

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Q: Why do I need to create a VirtualDJ account ?

Even without having a VirtualDJ account, you will still be able to use VirtualDJ as a Home User and have access to most of the info available on this website.

However, creating a VirtualDJ Account is useful in the following cases:

  • Register a VirtualDJ keycode (comes with VirtualDJ LE or old-discontinued products) in the case that you may lose it in the future and you wish to be retrieved by you or the Support Team
  • Have access to Add-ons that may be offered to a specific User/License level
  • Post in VirtualDJ Forums
  • Contact Support via the Ticket System
  • Use your Account to post and share useful info about yourself and your work with the rest of the VirtualDJ community such as links to your social media and websites.
  • Manage your VirtualDJ Playlists/Sets and subscribe to Cloudlists

Licensed users also have the ability to :
  • Create a Homepage with Blogs, upload Photos, manage Podcasts and have a direct Broadcasting link for their listeners.
  • Contact other users via Personal Messages

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