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Topic: Pioneer CDJ800's & Behringer DDM400
djshubzHome userMember since 2009
i was wondering im new to virtual dj.. is there a posibble way to connect my CDJ's & Mixer?
what sortware do i need. and if there is any extra stuff needed in order to connect it?

Inviato Mon 17 Aug 09 @ 6:54 pm
Your going to need a 4 in 4 out sound card so you can use time code with your CD players and your going to need a midi to USB cable if you plan on using the midi functions of the DDM4000 with virtual dj

Inviato Tue 18 Aug 09 @ 8:47 am
Well first your going to need VDJ pro!! Next if your using the DDM4000 that is a MIDI controller and can be used with VDJ with proper mapping. Finally if you are a Pro User you can download XML files that other pro user's made when they mapped their DDM to VDJ

good luck....

Inviato Tue 18 Aug 09 @ 11:38 am